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zepp21 10-06-2012 18:50

Hello from the Keystone state!
Hey guys!

Newbie from the keystone state. Been around guns my whole life. Also an avid hunter. First glock was a g30. Love it! My daily carry is a LCP but I'm in the market for a IWB holster for the 30. Looking forward to contributing!


Ps. I have a friend who has a Milt Sparks VMii and a Rosen Premier Full Detail that I may buy but his 30 didn't have the rails. Any idea if mine will still holster in it (obviously w/o any attachments)?

DarkShooter 10-06-2012 19:35

Welcome! I also make Penns Woods my home.

janice6 10-06-2012 19:50

Welcome to GT.

bac1023 10-06-2012 19:56


CanMan 10-06-2012 20:13

:wavey: Howdy!

ca survivor 10-07-2012 15:18


mymini40 10-08-2012 07:00


Raven1967 10-08-2012 20:59

Welcome to GT!

jph02 10-13-2012 18:05


oily_oink 10-14-2012 07:08

:welcome: From Michigan!

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