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Roger H 10-06-2012 17:05

The Range officer said use the shovel and take the gun from the bad guy. My 11 year old grand daughter and my glock 19

janice6 10-06-2012 17:06

How did it feel?

kodiakpb 10-06-2012 17:15

11yrs old...that's great!

Angry Fist 10-06-2012 17:17

Kick ass!

Roger H 10-06-2012 17:19

shes only been shooting for 8 months. i want to get her a glock 19 of her own

cheapshot 10-06-2012 17:34


stolenphot0 10-06-2012 17:59

awesome. the shovel was hilarious.

Roger H 10-06-2012 18:00


Originally Posted by janice6 (Post 19491867)
How did it feel?

I laughed so hard i peed a little

dhgeyer 10-06-2012 18:07


Originally Posted by Roger H (Post 19491910)
shes only been shooting for 8 months. i want to get her a glock 19 of her own

She don't need no steeeenking Glock. Just get her a shovel!

SJ 40 10-06-2012 19:00

Fantastic ! The young the future of shooting and shooting sports. SJ 40

janice6 10-06-2012 19:09

I am a staunch advocate of arming women. I do believe in equality. Good job.....

Sgt.K 10-06-2012 20:12

Thanks for sharing that! Great shooting!

G23Gen4.40 10-06-2012 20:21

Great video. Now if I could get one of my daughters interested in shooting.

skyboss_4evr 10-06-2012 22:20


MadMonkey 10-06-2012 22:26

Little girls don't mess around :rofl: I hope I can teach my nieces to do that.

Roger H 10-07-2012 09:42

this is her mother my daughter

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