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awpk03s 10-06-2012 13:17

My New FG SA Garand Courtesy of the North Store
Wanted to share some pictures of my new Garand that I'm quite proud of. I had made a trip to the NS a couple months ago, and bought a Special Grade M1 Garand to stash away as a retirement gift for my father, this time I went with money to buy my own rifle.

I was ultimately hoping for a nice selection of Service Grade rifles, but as luck would have it that wasn't in the cards. The Store was completely sold out. I could have called ahead... but this was really the only weekend I was able to make the trip anyhow, so I just chanced it. I was left with a decision on whether to bust for a SG Special or another Special Grade, but found myself looking more and more at the Field Grade rifles. There were several fine examples out on the floor, and in the end I decided to buy more ammo and a Tikka T3 30-06 bolt rifle plus a Field Grade instead of buying a Special grade rifle.

I was lucky to have member abeal pick out three nice rifles on the counter, and after he decided he did not want a 5.89M SA, with the help of Jim at the counter, I decided to snatch it up.

MW = 1.5, TE - 4, which I didn't think was too bad at all for a FG rifle.

Some of the specifics include:

SA 5.89M receiver
SA 4-54 NM barrel
SA Op Rod 6535382
HRA Trigger group 6528290
IHC Safety
HRA hammer
SA bolt - D28287-19SA B-18

The barrel cleaned up pretty nicely, and looks good on the bore. The gas cylinder was a little bit loose, but after peening the splines, it is now rock solid tight. I am in the process of cleaning up the stock and going to put a fresh coat of tung oil on it. I will post some more pictures after that process is complete.

As much as I was drawn to the newer looking rifles with better barrels and new wood, this rifle just "feels" better to me. The stock feels slimmer than CMP wood, and it just feels right - it has character and history that I can truly appreciate.

Enough **** chat. Here are some photos.

awpk03s 10-06-2012 13:17

I took out the M1 this morning and fired some rounds through it. I spent last night prepping the stock for a new tung oil finish and greased all of the metal parts, then this morning I went out to my family outdoor range and popped off a couple of clips. I fired 3 clips of HXP at ~40 yards.

Very first shot.

First clip:

All 3 clips:

I know 40 yards is nothing to shake a stick at, but I'm comfortable saying this rifle is for sure a shooter! I need to get it on paper at some longer distances soon.

thisaway 10-06-2012 13:30

Congratulations on your purchase of a fine piece of US history, sir!

M&P15T 10-06-2012 13:47

They're not called clips, they're called.........


bac1023 10-06-2012 14:26

Congrats! :cool:

Nice shooting :)

fnfalman 10-06-2012 22:00

That rifle has characters. That's why I wanted another CMP Garand. My first came with a new replacement stock and while I was happy with the whole rifle, I still wanted a 100% true blued GI Garand and the second CMP Garand came with original stock that beat up like yours. I love it!!!

awpk03s 10-06-2012 22:10

Thanks guys. I'm going to redo the wood with a coat of pure tung oil this week and see how it turns out. Love this rifle!

ca survivor 10-07-2012 08:12


pm666 10-07-2012 18:28

She's a beauty!

SpectreRider 10-07-2012 19:26


Originally Posted by M&P15T (Post 19491279)
They're not called clips, they're called.........



Was thinking the same thing.

Not very often is clips right.

m2hmghb 10-08-2012 06:20

Very nice rifle. It looks like it is stringing a bit, there should be information on the CMP or other C&r sites about free floating the M1, what happens is as the barrel heats up it expands into the wood which changes the point of impact. The barrel is a national match, you really got a good rifle.

SigFTW 10-08-2012 08:28

Very nice!!! Thanks for sharing :thumbsup:

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