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Andrewsky 10-04-2012 20:51

What gun is this?

Agent6-3/8 10-04-2012 20:55

Looks like a British Bren LMG.

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MrMurphy 10-05-2012 21:08

Definitely. Bren light machine gun, upside down over his shoulder so you can't see the magazine.

El_Ron1 10-06-2012 09:40

What happened to the Brits? Where did they go? :fallenofficer:

RonS 10-07-2012 11:13

Many of them went to the bottom of the sea and under the ground in Belgium, France, Germany, Italy, North Africa, Burma and other places far from home. And not a few in London and their other cities.

They won the war but the cost was too high for their culture to survive, it's a small island. (I know, they were not alone, but you get the point.)

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