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E5MC 10-01-2012 19:28

G19 dn5xx
I just came into an "As New" G19. The pistol is complete with box, manual, warranty card and 1 mag. Should I shoot the **** outta this or keep it in the safe for my kids college fund. I honestly had no idea there are collectable Glocks or even if this one would be. Serial # DN5xx. I believe this makes it the 5xx G19 to be imported into the US. It does have Austrian proof marks.

MakeMineA10mm 10-04-2012 20:23

To really answer, we need pics!

cadillacguns 10-09-2012 09:08

No, AAxxxUS 001-999 were first, your DN5XXUS is identified as:

DN**** G-19 1.0 1988-03-01 First G-19s imported
DN***US G-19 1.0 1988-03-00 Austrian proof marks (although frame looks more like Gen 2). According to Glock it was the 346th G-19 imported into the USA. I\'m the second owner and bought it in 1990, its still all original.

Jan 1988.

A nice 2nd Gen G-19, I have BX/FA/FH/GS/TS prefixed G-19's.

So yours is 500th something of prefix DN.

MakeMineA10mm 10-09-2012 17:40

Caddy - I think you're confusing G-17s with G-19s, buddy. I think his G19 would be part of the earliest serial number batch imported.

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