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Stupid 09-29-2012 21:49

Which lubricant do you use?
Which gun lubricant do you use? I am looking for one that's non-toxic and anti-corrosion.

I have been using BreakFree CLP for cleaning and then LP for preservation.

WoodenPlank 09-29-2012 21:56

Mil-Comm TW25b for handgun slide and frame rails, as well as the cocking mechanism on my P7. SLiP 2000 Gun Lube for everything else on handguns, and S2K EWL on my AR.

Beretta92guy 09-29-2012 21:56

i use Wilson Combat Ulitma lube II on my firearms.......

excellent oil and it smells good too :)

samuse 09-29-2012 22:00

I used Breakfree CLP for a long time (it was free), I recently ran out and bought some Slip 2000 EWL.

I use Lubriplate #105 Engine Assembly Lube for grease.

I think the EWL does hang around longer than the Breakfree.

HAMMERHEAD 09-29-2012 22:00


JohnnyReb 09-29-2012 22:06

NeverMore1701 09-29-2012 22:10


Which lubricant do you use?
KY warming....

Oops, wrong forum.

Caver 60 09-29-2012 22:45

Lucas gun oil. I find it at automotive or farm supply stores around here. At least one gun dealer I know of keeps a display rack of it on the counter.

Been using it for years. Never had a problem with it.

collim1 09-30-2012 02:34

All my semi autos are alloy framed Sigs. I use either white lithium or Hoppes gun grease on the rails and CLP for corrosion protection.

I really prefer grease for the slide rails. It doesn't cook off as fast and stays in place while the gun is being carried/stored.

JaPes 09-30-2012 05:43

After trying all sorts of cleaners/lubes and getting stuck in a Hickock45 YouTube Video black hole for an afternoon, I decided to try out Ballistol. I really like it.

I'm still holding onto my Hoppes No. 9 and Hoppes Copper Solvent. As I finish off the non-Ballistol products, I'm not going to replace them.

faawrenchbndr 09-30-2012 05:48

Slide-Glide on rails & Slip 2000 EWL everywhere else

As for non-toxic lubes, try FrogLube

packinaglock 09-30-2012 06:44

Mobil 1 full synthetic

awoodpd13 09-30-2012 06:51

Have tried *MANY*...always come back to BreakFree CLP!!!

Shark1007 09-30-2012 07:14

Sorry to start this, but......... Froglube!

ChicagoZman 09-30-2012 07:34

Whatever I have on hand that is made for guns.

Clutch Cargo 09-30-2012 07:45


Originally Posted by Shark1007 (Post 19470294)
Sorry to start this, but......... Froglube!

My current choice

Glockdude1 09-30-2012 07:50

Rem oil or CLP


PlasticGuy 09-30-2012 07:50

I use CLP for everything. It's not the best for cleaning, lubricating, or protecting. It does a decent job in all three areas though, and it's cheap and convenient.

debbert 09-30-2012 07:54

I really like the M-Pro 7 line of products.

dakrat 09-30-2012 07:57


Originally Posted by Stupid (Post 19469681)
Which gun lubricant do you use? I am looking for one that's non-toxic and anti-corrosion.

I have been using BreakFree CLP for cleaning and then LP for preservation.

what you have is a good combination. there are alot of lubes on the market and they all perform well. lube choice is not as important as knowing how much and where to lube your pistol. but if you are just looking to try other products, Slip2000 is good stuff.

Arc Angel 09-30-2012 08:04

Well, ...... Ballistol is the safest and least toxic of all the gun cleaning solutions. I, also, use Flitz Metal Polish on my bores; and, if I've got a really leaded up bore, I'll let it soak overnight in (Ready?) Break-Free CLP. I occasionally use Lucas Gun Oil; but, like Rem Oil it's often way too light to stay on ALL of a gun's exposed metal surfaces for long.

For relatively light cleaning or for up to 3-4 months of storage I, also, use Wal-Mart Pharmacy mineral oil. I cut each 16 ounce bottle with an ounce of Isopropyl Alcohol. Whenever you clean a gun you should always be wearing Nitrile or latex disposable gloves. I buy mine in 100 count boxes.

The most common gun cleaning mistakes I see people make is that they often don't soak the bore overnight (or for several hours) the way that they should if they really want to get the gun clean; AND, 'shooters in the know' have always told me to lightly swab out the bore a day, or two, later in order to get whatever gaseous residue has been, 'trapped in the metal' and slowly leaches out.

NOTE: The use of Flitz Metal Polish obviates the need to soak a bore overnight; BUT, it's a whole lot of extra brushing, too.

zackwatt 09-30-2012 08:19

Mil-Comm TW25b

Bruce M 09-30-2012 09:38


Originally Posted by NeverMore1701 (Post 19469737)
KY warming....

Oops, wrong forum.



Originally Posted by ChicagoZman (Post 19470351)
Whatever I have on hand that is made for guns.

Someone started a thread not that long ago trying to find if anyone could document an instance in which a problem was traced to a specific brand of lubricant, rather than something that was not appropriate for a gun (say EVO) or too much or too little lubricant. If I recall there did not seem to be any instances.

FireForged 09-30-2012 14:30

MPRO7 cleaners and lube since 1999

non toxic and has no smell

Drilled 09-30-2012 14:39

Mobil 1 for the slide and contact areas and TW25 on the rail.

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