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richardlpalmer 09-24-2012 10:38

FNG: Me!
Hello everyone, Richard here. I found this forum by way of the Outdoorhub Network drop-down at the top of another forum I frequent.

While I'm the newest noob to Glock Talk, I'm a seasoned forumer. Here's to getting to know some of you and being part of your community!

Oh BTW, there is only one Glock in my life (at the moment), a Gen 4 21. I've carried a 36 and might be looking to pick one up again...

I have a variety of other guns/rifles, but love the Glocks.

Thanks again for having me!

mymini40 09-24-2012 14:19

Welcome to GT!

Paul53 09-24-2012 15:10


bac1023 09-24-2012 16:21


wdp 09-24-2012 16:22

Best wishes!!!

janice6 09-24-2012 16:35

Welcome to GT. All guns count.

daydreamer 09-24-2012 16:52

Welcome from Texas! I've visited your part of the country and really liked it.

jph02 09-24-2012 19:00


Raven1967 09-24-2012 19:08

Welcome to GT!

richardlpalmer 09-24-2012 23:03

Thanks for all the welcomes!

I've had an M&P Shield on order since pretty much the beginning of time. Considering just getting a Baby Glock or maybe another G36. Ugggggg, I hate waiting.

That being said, a Detonics Combat Master Mark VI just fell into my lap so I'll probably get that just because. I mean, who wouldn't like a Detonics in their arsenal, right? ;)

ca survivor 09-25-2012 05:53


oily_oink 09-30-2012 11:27

:welcome: From Michigan!

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