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GlocknSpiehl 09-20-2012 19:26

New Indoor Range in Miami Opening
They have had a small gun shop and ammunition manufacturing facility for years and are now opening up a nice looking range!

Stone Hartís Gun Club & Indoor Range ( You can see pics on their Facebook page of the range under construction. They say they will open in early October.

GlocknSpiehl 09-23-2012 12:04

They have now announced membership rates and they look good.

ricky 10-04-2012 09:24

I can practically walk there.

sirgarreth 10-05-2012 09:31

Yeah, I have been waiting for them to open that range for about a year. Maybe 5 minutes from me. Ammo prices seem quite high for reloads though. Last time I checked I believe it was like $20 for 50rds of 9mm reloads. Maybe they have dropped? I will check out the range though.
WOW, just checked out the prices for the memberships and range fees. To me IMHO, those prices are QUITE OUTRAGOUS. I go to Big Al's in Hollywood and only pay $7.50. Yeah, they are closer, but Big Al's is close to my job so I go during lunch.

ricky 10-28-2012 19:18

Double post

ricky 10-28-2012 19:23

So far very disappointed, I have to get a membership then still pay a somewhat high rate to shoot. I asked about an Leo and military rates and they have no response to that.

Membership rates are too high for what you get, I will keep going to a place I know where I rapid fire and without a bogus membership with no real return for my money.

What an absolute let down ........

porschedog 10-28-2012 20:39

Yowch, those rates are a bit nuts

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