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CharlieDelta127 09-17-2012 19:56

Clear your house?

I have read many articles written by you, as well as a couple of your books. I have learned a lot through your vast knowledge of firearms.

With that being said, my question is this:

I hear talk of a lot of people saying to "clear the house" in the event of a break in, or bump in the night. I've heard conflicting views on this, another being, to gather family members and hunker down. So, with your expertise, what do you suggest? Clearing your home? Or settling back, and waiting for an intruder to approach your defensive position?

I know state laws dictate how to defend against an intruder to an extent.


Mas Ayoob 09-17-2012 20:25

Charles, I'm with the hunker down crowd, myself.


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