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barrybrice 08-31-2012 09:30

Gun Range - Jacksonville, Fl
This post is not for the purpose of starting a gripe session...
I am not happy with Gateway (GRPC) and will not be renewing my membership there. I am looking for some input (pros/cons) for the FOP range in St. Augustine and Ancient City Shooting Range in St. Augustine. Distance is not an issue as they are all three about the same for me. Some questions I have are:

- How crowed are they during the week / weekend
- Can you bring your on target to shoot at such as Do-All Impact Seal Ground-Bouncing targets or shooting trees?
- General information
- Value for the money
- Safety

barrybrice 09-01-2012 21:48


98LS-WON 09-02-2012 17:28

I moved away 17 years ago. Aren't there any open areas left out in Middleburg where you can shoot in the woods?

If not, try

njl 09-03-2012 21:44

Just curious...what's gone wrong at Gateway? I haven't been since they stopped hosting GSSF matches...but IIRC it was a very nice facility.

barrybrice 09-04-2012 20:00

They are renovating the private pistol bays in the back and have been for many many months. So naturally they are closed, but they have also closed the general purpose area during the week as well for safety to the construction workers. I typically only shoot during the week due to the amount of people there on the weekends. My kids love shooting the steel targets and are no longer able too because of this. I have asked at the front desk several time about a time line of completion and the standard is they don't know.

ATTAC has numatic targets and at the FOP range you can take your own stuff such as bouncing targets or cans. All of these would be fun. Both have USPSA competitions. I am trying to determine which one would be the best.

edcrosbys 09-05-2012 19:58

Sorry to hear about Gateway. I remember going there to shoot rifle team in high school!

I can't speak about the other ranges you mentioned, but if shooting during the week ** AND you don't mind driving ** how about the range at Osceola? What you save in range fees, you'll spend in gas. But it was always empty during the week (a number of years ago).

Legacy Shooters 09-05-2012 21:52

I shoot @ Gun Gallery on Beach Blvd in Jax all the time was actually there just today matter of fact shooting my pps

madmike3668 09-06-2012 17:30

I am a member out at Ancient city and it is the best shooting range i've ever been to. I shot at gateway years ago and was not impressed. Too many restrictions and the membership was not very friendly. A.C.S.R. has an awesome facility and they are very flexible and accepting of different types shooting as long as basic safety is observed. I always shoot during the week and the range is never too busy. Usually 6 or 7 people but they have so many ranges i can always find one to myself. Excellent value for the money and i've never seen any safety concerns. They have different levels of membership and some include use of pneumatic steel turning targets, but if you don't get that level they still have plenty of standard steel targets on the ranges. You can get all the membership info at their website. You should stop by sometime and talk to Chuck,the owner, he is very nice and will gladly give you a tour and answer any questions you may have. I can't say enough good things about this range, the place is awesome.

barrybrice 09-06-2012 21:17

Thanks for the comments. I will certainly make it a point to go by A.C.S.R. in the next two weeks and check it out.

Wcoyote 03-02-2013 20:15

I have been a member at the FOP range for 2 years now and transitioned there from Gateway. I have found the freedom to go to FOP at any hour that is convenient to me as one of the best features. There are lights for night, gate code for early morning or week day evenings when the place is a ghost town. I always check the calendar posted on the website to make sure there is not a special event (did that once and had to drive all the way back to Jax :( ) but other than that the place is great. I go regularly and my kids come with me as well. Some times you have to share a large pistol bay but i have never had a problem with that.
Good luck on your eventual choice.

njl 03-02-2013 20:48


Originally Posted by Wcoyote (Post 20049978)
I have been a member at the FOP range for 2 years now and transitioned there from Gateway. ...
I always check the calendar posted on the website to make sure there is not a special event (did that once and had to drive all the way back to Jax :( ) but other than that the place is great.


edcrosbys 03-03-2013 14:58


Originally Posted by njl (Post 20050082)

As you wish....

Also known as Jax Beach Range...

1 Sawgrass Road
Jacksonville Beach, FL 32250

Wcoyote 03-03-2013 21:01


Originally Posted by njl (Post 20050082)

Sorry about forgetting...


wolf19r 03-03-2013 21:46

Come to the St. Augustine FOP 113 were friendly, you can shoot almost anything unlike other ranges (besides anti tank guns, rpgs, the wildlife, and the CIA drones over head.) You can't beat our price either! Can you tell I love my range.

superhornet 03-06-2013 08:04

Gateway-----Still a very nice range. Every thing done there is done in the name of has come a long way since I started shooting there, I think in the 1960s.

And of course, Middleburg Florida has somewhat evolved into the 21st century with a Winn Dixie, Publics, 6 gas stations, many eaterys and no longer a place to shoot in the woods.:rofl:

iocane2099 02-11-2015 22:57

I'm looking for a range in St. Augustine and the FOP range sounds ideal. I'm thinking about stopping by at their next meet and applying to become FOPA member. I read you need to have two sponsors though.

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