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JBaird22 08-29-2012 19:24

Looking to get into ham
I blame it all on google. It started out I was looking or a weather radio receiver. Something to use in case of storms, stuff in my BOB supplies. That sort of thing. So I googled weather radio. Weather radio results led me to cb radios with NOAA receiving. I got thinking some emergency comms might be a good idea too. So then I googled cb radios with NOAA receivers. That returned some HAM radios. So then I got to looking at the prices and 2m radios aren't that much more than a cb with better capabilities. So now I've ordered the arrl reference book for tech license testing. I figure I'll study for a bit and then find a test. Probably also study for general at the same time.

So any other Hams on GT? Doesn't seem like a whole lot of movement in the forum here.

RGV_Gringo 08-29-2012 22:13

There are a few hams on the forum, but this group is not very active.

Ham radio can be an excellent resource in an emergency, and there are many ways to get started. I would highly recommend as a great tool for preparing for the Technician license. Also, you may want to search the web for local ham clubs, wherein you may find some mentors (aka "Elmers") to help you on your quest.

If I can be of assistance, let me know.

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JBaird22 08-30-2012 00:37

Thanks for the info. I'll be using a local club to take the tests as they administer them.

Ranger54 08-30-2012 12:41

+1 on I did my Technician from the books, then used for General and Extra. Well worth the time and few dollars. I did all in about a year. Decided to get as far as I could, and all the while be on the air truly learning. If you decide to, study for General, then Technician will be easy. You can go in, take the Technician exam, pass, and then take General the same day for no extra charge. I am a VE and have seen several walk in with no license, walk out a General and one guy I know went all the way in one session. Feel free to ask anything here, there are a few of us.

janice6 08-30-2012 13:29


JBaird22 08-31-2012 14:38

I've made it about 1/3 of the way through the ARRL guide and went from a 55% before when I would do a test to 77%. So hopefully I will get to the point where I can score 100%

What really can a general license do that a tech can't? I mean specifically? Primarily, like I said in my first post this will be more for emergency comms with some leisure built in so is a general really needed?

RGV_Gringo 08-31-2012 15:19

The biggest advantage of being a General or Extra would be the access to world-wide HF frequencies. 2m is excellent for local communication, but if the internet should go down, linked repeaters may lose capabilities.

Quite honestly I mainly use 2m and 70cm, but its nice to know that I can reach other states or other countries with HF should the need arise.

That being said, there is nothing wrong with getting a Tech license and a good HT (walkie-talkie) and just have some fun.

TheExplorer 08-31-2012 15:29

Great info online, and don't forget the Amazon reviews. There are some good tips on there.

cowboywannabe 08-31-2012 15:37

and i thought it was fun just sitting around the kitchen table late at night yackin' on the C.B.....

BSA70 09-01-2012 15:57

Been a has for 25 years. Dropped out awhile now back in. I do hf and cw. Thats what i enjoy!


JBaird22 09-02-2012 07:32

Need to get my general study guide I guess.

Ranger54 09-03-2012 17:16

If you can consistently get 90% on practice exams, take the test.

Lesh 09-11-2012 16:28


Originally Posted by Ranger54 (Post 19381316)
If you can consistently get 90% on practice exams, take the test.

I did the tech and general one month, and the extra the next month (I got 100% on the extra :) )

I have only been doing ham radio for about three months, but I am really enjoying it.

2 Meters is great for local communications. I talk everyday (using repeaters) with people 70 - 80 miles away. My transceiver will do 75 watts, but I have never had to use more than 5 watts.

I am also playing around with 80 meters, and have heard people up to 2000 miles away, but I am still learning Morse code, so I have not talked to anyone yet.

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