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cheapshot 08-08-2012 18:32

Target ideas?
Anyone have any really "different", "cool", ideas for 22 targets? The grandkids are wanting to shoot again this weekend, and i'm runnin out of ideas. The cardboard boxes, soda cans, etc. are getting pretty boring. They're both pretty good shots and really safety conscious. Good all-around shooting partners. Just wondered if anyone had any ideas to make it a little more interesting for them. Thanks for any help!

HAMMERHEAD 08-08-2012 18:41

Have you looked at the steel reactive targets for .22s?
Some are quite inexpensive and kids seem to love them.

cheapshot 08-08-2012 18:53


Originally Posted by HAMMERHEAD (Post 19286335)
Have you looked at the steel reactive targets for .22s?
Some are quite inexpensive and kids seem to love them.

I've looked at some and almost picked up some when the farm store had them on sale last winter. Got sidetracked that day and didn't get to bring any home. I think you're right. They'd probably like those. Glad you reminded me! Thanks!

RedHaze 08-08-2012 22:29

Balloons are always good.

I picked up about a dozen pieces of 2x6 in about 4-5 inch sections from Home Depot for one whole dollar from their 'scrap' wood. Makes great reactive targets for longer range. A .22 is more than enough to whack them and knock 'em down. And they last a good while.

The regular kids ball pit colored plastic balls are cheap, and a fun colorful reactive target. They jump and spin and fly everywhichway. You get 100 of them for between 10-15 bucks.
Another favorite of mine. Old shotgun shells, which can be easily found scattered practically all over the informal range out here. Stand them up on end, at whatever distance and have at 'em. High brass is easiest to make fly, as a solid hit to the brass sends the shell skywards spinning like a top.

DJ Niner 08-09-2012 01:09

Animal crackers/cookies. Turns any plinking session into a "big game" hunt. The pieces will mostly dissolve in the next rain storm, or feed feed local critters/birds. The hardest part is getting them to stay upright while being shot at; I think the best method I've seen was using a short section of scrap 2x4, laid flat, with a slot ripped in the top edge. Make the slot the right size for the cracker-animal feet to sit in, so they will stand upright. Or, they can be stuck to a piece of cardboard with a twisted strip or inside-out loop of masking tape.

There's no worries about wounding critters in this game; any hit at all and the crackers virtually explode, even with CB or other low-speed ammo.

Another similar but non-critter option is the Necco wafer round candies that come in a roll. I've also used suckers/lollipops, but they leave a lot of sticky residue chunks that can stick to shoes and end up stuck in the house or car carpets/rugs, and the sticks have to be picked-up at the end of the session.


glock_collector 08-09-2012 15:28

Word of caution, kids shooting steel can be risky...Barney would be a better choice...

concretefuzzynuts 08-09-2012 15:37

If they are shooting in a field, balloons on a light breezy day make great moving targets. Have fun and be safe.

JaPes 08-09-2012 17:04

How about pop culture cartoon targets?

cheapshot 08-09-2012 18:06

Some pretty good ideas here! Thanks! And as always, safety will be top priority!

Travclem 08-09-2012 22:05

eggs, old fruit, etc

Steel is my favorite.

427 08-10-2012 00:41

Army men.

vafish 08-10-2012 03:51

Tape some paint balls to a piece or cardboard. Very challenging and fun when hit.

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Rutha73 08-10-2012 06:32

I like golf balls. Throw some out close and they become more challenging the more you hit them and farther away they get. I have also been thinking of trying to rig some up to hang off a frame so they stay at one distance but will swing. Maybe a 2x4 frame and some 550 cord drilled through the middle.
ETA: if you can find 35mm film cans, fill them with flour. They make a nice white cloud when hit.

GSSF17 08-10-2012 07:17

We do balloons for fun, and when precision is the goal, we do paintballs and playing cards.

Bill Keith 08-10-2012 07:39

Sweet gum balls and pine cones:wavey:

CDR_Glock 08-10-2012 07:53

I like Arntzen Steel targets. They have different shapes. I use boring IPSC and Round steel plates.

cheapshot 08-10-2012 10:47

More great ideas! Thanks! Just what i was lookin for!

Leigh 08-15-2012 11:07

The bright orange clay pigeons are fun.

Golddog 08-16-2012 17:42

+1 on clay pigeons and used golf balls. The golf balls jump when hit right and the clays shatter nicely, leaving more pieces at which to shoot.

CanMan 08-16-2012 19:50 :faint:

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