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Snidely Whiplash 07-16-2012 17:40

Hello from Hickory, NC
Hope to learn a thing or two here. Thanks for letting me in.

:wavey: Snidely

bac1023 07-16-2012 17:47


jph02 07-16-2012 19:19


mymini40 07-16-2012 19:31

Welcome to GT!

Snidely Whiplash 07-16-2012 20:04

Thanks everyone.:winkie:

BTW Brief description -

.40 cal G23 Gen 3
(stock trigger) I like the action...
TruGlo Tritium sights
Pachmayr Grip
Tungsten guide rod
Pearce frame insert
Pearce grip extension
Blue aluminum slide cover plate (Glock logo)

Thinking about a Crimson Trace CMR-201 laser, but thinking is about as far as that went...

Used to laugh at the thought of purchasing a Glock. Until I held one. The only other pistol that I would ever consider is an M&P .40 compact.

Glock on!! :rock::music:

GLOCK17DB9 07-16-2012 20:24


larson1122 07-16-2012 20:41


Revvv 07-16-2012 21:34

I almost moved to Lenoir a couple years ago. Welcome.

Folsom_Prison 07-16-2012 23:15


bsg1 07-16-2012 23:18

welcome to the forum.

jdl2 07-17-2012 19:23

Jim L. (NY)

Snidely Whiplash 07-17-2012 20:17


Originally Posted by Revvv (Post 19203726)
I almost moved to Lenoir a couple years ago. Welcome.

Lenoir is nearly dead. The furniture factories have moved to China. Old empty buildings everywhere...Only big thing in Lenoir is Google. That place is a compound. HUGE! They are so secretive about Google it gets treated like Area 51...

Raven1967 07-17-2012 20:29

Welcome to GT!

oily_oink 07-19-2012 05:40

:welcome: From Michigan!

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