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fortysix&2 06-21-2012 10:13

New member from Florida
Hello everyone;

I first shot a Glock around 2 yrs ago when I moved to Fl and got a model 22 along w/ a concealed carry license. Fell in love instantly. I now have a 19 and a 27 and shoot about 350 rds per week. I started reloading 9mm and .40 a few months ago, which just adds to my Glock - shooting fun (and saves $$).
Anyway, just wanted to introduce myself, and I hope to be visiting and contributing to Glock Talk often!

bac1023 06-21-2012 10:41


NBT 06-21-2012 10:54

Welcome to GT...I'm also in FL... Tampa Bay. Lots of great information here and a solid group of people. :cool:

Bluestreakfl 06-21-2012 11:00

Greetings and welcome from Bradenton/Sarasota!

Sent from my phone booth

Folsom_Prison 06-21-2012 15:11


mingaa 06-21-2012 15:14

Hello from MO! The 22 is the "little" one on the right!

FL Airedale 06-21-2012 15:55

Welcome from Marion County.

tankermw 06-21-2012 16:43

Hello, Spring Hill, FL here.

FLSlim 06-21-2012 18:11

Off to a great start, I see. Welcome to GT!

jph02 06-21-2012 18:30


Raven1967 06-21-2012 18:43

:welcome: to GT!

larson1122 06-21-2012 20:52


oily_oink 06-22-2012 05:38

:welcome: From Michigan!

kj4963 06-22-2012 19:46


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