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JBarbaresi 04-07-2012 20:06

There are many like it, but this one is mine...
I've been working on my first personal AR build over the past several months, I'm pretty much done at this point so thought I'd post a teaser picture until next weekend when I'll be completely finished (if there's such a thing). I'd love to hear everyone's thoughts, opinions, and suggestions. I've already made several changes as the build evolved and sold/swapped several of the parts I originally went with, but here's what I have for now.

BCM 14.5" Mid-length Upper
Daniel Defense 12.0 Lite Rail
Battlecomp 1.5 Perma Fixed
BCM Bolt Carrier Group
BCM Gunfighter Mod 4 (Medium)
BCM/Troy Folding Rear BUIS
Troy Fixed M4 Style Front BUIS
BCM Complete Lower (Magpul Trigger Guard Standard)
Vltor Emod Stock
Magpul MIAD Pistol Grip (BCM Gunfighter Mod 1 Grip on its way)
Aimpoint Micro H-1 Red Dot
Larue LT660 Mount
Surefire M300A Mini Scout Light
Larue LT752 Offset Scout Mount
Surefire SR07 Pressure Switch
Surefire Z70 Rail Ladders
Viking Tactics MK2 Sling
Gear Sector Hand Stop
Gear Sector Rail Mount Sling QD Socket/Swivel

Only have about 100 rounds of M193 through it, but not a problem at all. I originally had a Mapgul CTR stock and the rifle felt a little front heavy from the long rail and everything mounted up front. Even though the Emod stock added about 5oz to the overall weight, it balanced the rear end of the rifle so much that now it actually feels lighter and I really like the cheek welds for consistent sight picture. I'm really happy with the end product so far, I think the BCM Gunfighter pistol grip will really complete this build and that's the last thing I have planned for now. As soon as it gets here next week I''ll get some better pictures of everything and post them up here in this thread. Thanks for looking.

Ruggles 04-07-2012 20:10

Looks very nice 1st build or 50th build :) Well done indeed!

shotgunred 04-07-2012 21:42

I would not be embarrassed to be seen in public with it.

steve1911 04-08-2012 00:34

Very nice.



battlin bulldog 04-08-2012 09:31

:perfect10:thats hot.

.50 cal 04-08-2012 10:19

Very nice, I imagine it is a real soft shooter with the mid lenth gas, battlecomp, and 12 rail

Jack Black 04-08-2012 10:37

Fantastic first AR.

Cole125 04-08-2012 10:38

Looks great man! :thumbsup: That is almost exactly what I wanted to do for my next build, except in FDE. BCM is going to be taking lots of my money again soon!

smokin762 04-08-2012 10:41

Very Nice. :thumbsup:

JBarbaresi 04-08-2012 17:11

thanks guys, gunfighter pistol grip will be here tomorrow so i'll get some new detailed pics of the rifle posted and some comparing the MIAD.

smitty704 04-08-2012 21:15

Great looking rifle my friend. I recently built a 14.7" midlength PSA for my first build, and plan on going either BCM or PSA again for my next build.

I like it man, glad its treating you well.

JBarbaresi 04-09-2012 19:28

The BCM Gunfighter Mod1 arrived today and I installed it after getting home from work. I posted a picture below after the install followed by the picture already posted in the OP with the MIAD grip for easy comparison. WayaX started a thread with better comparison pics you can check out here.

My intial impressions... hmmmm. To echo WayaX's sentiments, it feels odd to say the least. The different grip angle is very noticeable, more so than I thought it would. Like he also said, odd is not necessarily bad but it definitely will take some getting used to. The only disagreement I have is that the grip angle is actually almost identical to that of a Glock, although not nearly as long front to back as the grip of a Glock.

My biggest complaint, keeping in mind that I've only had this installed all of a few hours, is that I wish the grip were a little thicker in both width and front to back length. I have medium sized hands but it feels very thin to me, almost like an A2 grip. The texturing on the sides is very similar to the texture on the MIAD, however it lacks the same texturing on the backstrap which I like about the MIAD.

The storage compartment is easier to access, for me, than that of the MIAD which I normally need 2 hands to open. The grip as a whole seems to mate up to my BCM lower a little nicer than the MIAD, although functionally both are equal in terms of fit. The little "trigger guard extension" that comes with the grip does not fit with the Magpul trigger guard.

As of right now I'm not sure which I prefer, I like the angle of the BCM but prefer the overall thickness, texture, and feel of the MIAD. I guess the MIAD with a steeper angle would be my ideal grip (the MOE-K also feels to thin to me). I will give this new grip an honest shot and get some rounds down range with it before making up my mind.

JBarbaresi 05-14-2012 11:27

well the build ended up going in a different direction. after getting the rifle set up i realized i wasn't using the last 3-4" of the rail and started looking for an alternative that would save a little weight towards the front. after lots of research i ended up deciding it would be easier to just get a completely different upper from Centurion Arms since there was quite a bit I wanted to change. i went with the 16" CHF LW barrel and middy cutout rail with an FSB. Replaced the Emod Stock for an Imod stock, the Larue Scout mount for a Gear Sector mount, and added the Gear Sector Vert grip. I'll be putting quite a bit of the excess gear up for sale in the classifieds tonight so if you need a new 14.5" BCM upper, Emod Stock, MIAD, Larue Offset Scout mount, or anything else just check my signature tomorrow.

Here's the final product:

bullittmcqueen 05-14-2012 12:02

Incredibly well thought out and a perfect build. Congrats on a nice rifle.

michael_b 05-14-2012 16:28

Nice build. I'm definitely interested in your upper.

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JBarbaresi 05-14-2012 17:40


Originally Posted by michael_b (Post 18966549)
Nice build. I'm definitely interested in your upper.

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i went with centurion because the price was within $50 of what it would have cost me for a similar upper from BCM, although I would have had to cut off the delta ring and hand guard cap to install the c4 rail. not a huge deal but definitely worth paying the price difference to not have to bother with it and get the extra value from the centurion barrel.

if you are interested it is worth your extra time looking into the company, they produce arguably the best barrels on the market, one of the best rails on the market, and it is all pieced together very nicely by monty.

Folsom_Prison 05-14-2012 22:36

Very nice rifle!

JBarbaresi 05-15-2012 08:25

thanks for the comments guys. i'll try to get some action pictures this weekend.

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