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Scott E White 04-01-2012 17:19

From the Catskill Mountains of New York...
Good evening! Having been a long-time shooter, I'm not new to guns, but can still learn something from just about anyone.

Avid participant of all things the Great Outdoors has to offer, I'm still able to try about anything that catches my interest. Not much into competition, but it's still great fun to shoot a round of trap, or just go plinkin' out back with friends and family.

My bride of 16 years and my nine-year-old son both love handgunning, so that's a pretty regular past-time for me.

Shot my first Glock (G17) back in '81, when the part-time PD I was with issued them. Hated the darn things! Been full-time since '83, got tired of hearing everyone rave about Glock for all these years, so I went and bought a Gen4 G23 back in November 2011. Now, about 2,500 rounds later, I have to admit that they're pretty darned reliable. Far from pretty, mine is awfully accurate, too. I guess if it was all walnut and steel, it wouldn't be a Glock.

Any of you folks near Ulster County, New York?

TSAX 04-01-2012 17:22



ca survivor 04-01-2012 17:56


larson1122 04-01-2012 18:13


bac1023 04-01-2012 20:42

:welcome: to GT

ImpeachObama 04-01-2012 20:49

Hello Scott-e from Rockland County. Welcome.

BerettaGrl 04-01-2012 20:51

Greene County.


TKM 04-01-2012 20:52

I grew up and started shooting in Goldens Bridge, Westchester County.

New York redneck living in California now.

Welcome aboard.:wavey:

Glock40man 04-01-2012 20:58

Welcome to GT!

mymini40 04-02-2012 00:08

Hi Scott and welcome!

Troubled Gecko 04-04-2012 16:05

Hi there Scott,

I'm new here too! I used to live in Sullivan County for years but sinced moved to Rochester NY by the Grt.lakes . I worked in Ellenville at Imperial Schrade for awhile before joining the Sullivan County Sheriffs dept.


Paul53 04-04-2012 19:10


ithaca_deerslayer 04-05-2012 05:45

At least 1 out of every 50 GT members agrees that NY is a great state :)

oily_oink 04-08-2012 06:52

:welcome: From Michigan!

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