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SCC 03-20-2012 20:48

holster forums

Come on guys and gals we need 50 to apply for it ...

( holster only forums )

please vote yes for it ...

let's do this :wavey:

hamster 03-20-2012 21:05

I'd love to see one on here.

Dalton Wayne 03-20-2012 21:10

I'm in

glocksicle 03-20-2012 21:16

got my vote

Washingtonrebel 03-20-2012 21:24

Great idea, got my vote too.

toddmog 03-20-2012 21:30

I'm in as well

SARDG 03-20-2012 21:31

Times a-wastin'... :thumbsup:

SCC 03-20-2012 21:35

Tell all your friends about it !!!!
i think we could use this new forum ..

Rodman24 03-20-2012 21:46

Ok. Sounds good to me.

SCC 03-20-2012 21:55

PLEASE Tell all your friends to VOTE !!!

Glock2313 03-20-2012 21:59

I'll vote for that

SCC 03-20-2012 22:32

lets keep this going !!!!

Shinesintx 03-20-2012 22:34

Count me in.

SCC 03-20-2012 22:35


Originally Posted by Shinesintx (Post 18737604)
Count me in.

THANK YOU !!! :wavey:

DuramaxOn40s 03-20-2012 22:38

I'm in..... The first thing I did after registering was look for a holster section. Currently trying to get some info and find a good comfy holster for my new G23. Input ??

rilkil23 03-20-2012 22:45

I'm in and I'll match your six Uncle Mike entry level pieces of junk and raise you a Galco ankle holster and a IWB from Desantis.

Kaonashi 03-20-2012 23:18

Count me in for a vote. I think that it would be active enough to make it worthwhile.

DuramaxOn40s 03-20-2012 23:33

There actually is a "holster library" under Carry Issues.... but I see what you're getting at. I definately vote yes

robtest 03-21-2012 00:15

I vote yes too...

S&WGlocker 03-21-2012 00:37

Most def, i vote Yay!

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