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glock20c10mm 03-10-2012 18:42

7mm 162gr A-Max
With Hornady's 7mm 162gr A-Max (BC = .625) bullet starting out at 3300fps, the Hornady 6th Edition reloading manual Vol. 2 shows the velocity at 1890fps at 1000 yards.

My question is; What approximate maximum distance in yards should this bullet at the aforementioned velocity level be capable of under "perfect" conditions before velocity drops too low? Can this bullet at that velocity make it accurately to 1500 yards?

Zak Smith 03-20-2012 09:45

I have shot the AMAX to 1500 yards at 7000' altitude. I have shot the Berger 180's to 1850 yards.

Run the ballistics and watch where the velocity drops below 1200-1250 fps. That will be close to the maximum supersonic range.

Zak Smith 03-20-2012 09:46

One other note--

Some people have had problems with the 162 AMAX "blowing up" when shot too fast. This is likely to happen at 3300 fps.

You would be better off with the 180gr Berger for ultra long range shooting if your barrel twist supports it. It has a higher BC and will have less wind drift and carry velocity further.

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