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bigmac85 02-26-2012 01:07

Good shootin' g17
Hey fellas just got my first auto pistol, a 17 sn AZ99* seems to have all stock parts. cth stamp on the barrel. My new favorite! Just as accurate as my revolvers (with my avg. Skill level). Curious to date of mfg.?

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patcrad 02-26-2012 11:20

CTH - barrel code indicates Oct 1986 manufacture date.

bigmac85 02-26-2012 11:28

Without the orig. Box and accesories would this glock have value to a collector? A friend told me I might be able to trade for a newer model (would really like a rail) straight across. New to the world of glocks but already a big fan. PS. Thank you for the info pc.

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