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Travis0211 02-25-2012 17:21

Wanted: Glock 21sf FULL Picatinny rail.
Hello All,

I've exhausted myself attempting to find a Glock 21sf that has the full Picatinny Rail along the bottom of the frame. Surprisingly, even most experienced staff in gun shops have no idea what I mean by FULL picatinny rail. I thankfully have a friend at a local shop who advised me Glock doesn't make the sf with the rail like that anymore. So to the forums and online shops I go. I would like to find one that's basically new or like new. I figured a collectors forum would work best. Please let me know if there is anyone with said gun and would be willing to sell it. Thanks guys!

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chewbackup 02-27-2012 15:42

I do see them on Gunbroker quite a bit, they are always listed as glock 21sf, you just need to check pictures and descriptions.

I am curious why you seek a rail version such as this? FYI there is an "unofficial" standing open "recall/upgrade" to anyone that has one of these, it was determined that the ambi mag realease on this version is prone to major malfunctions and jams causing the mag to be stuck rendering the gun inoperabale. Glock will replace the frame/gun with a standard SF frame for no charge with a standard mag catch system.

Travis0211 02-27-2012 15:56

Hey Chew.

I've heard that from numerous people now. I actually just ordered a new sf to shoot and carry at work. I'm also an amateur collector of HKs, and really anything that catches my eye. Before I even knew how rare they were I wanted one. Many of my HKs have the Picatinny and I just find them appealing. Reliability of the 21 with the picatinny isn't a huge issue. It will just be sitting next to my tan framed Mark 23 anyways. Ha.

Thanks for the response.

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LSUAdman 02-28-2012 09:53

Travis, where were you last year?!? I had one for a few years and loved it - had no problems with the frame or the mag release. I was working on a new project, so sold it for funds. It took me three months to find a buyer. Eventually sold it to a collector for $420.

A lot of people have had problems with them, so be aware of that. Mine ran flawlessly and was a good gun - I just didnt have need of a .45.

Good luck!

Ocean_glocker 02-29-2012 22:52

not me or anyone i know... but

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