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crazycathed 02-21-2012 11:29

glock 17 mods
just bought a 25th anniversary 17 in a grey case. would modifications hurt the value?

MakeMineA10mm 02-21-2012 19:20

Yes, it will

crazycathed 03-25-2012 19:26

just talked to a glock rep. he said they only made a limited number of the anniversary 17. going back to get a few more

MakeMineA10mm 03-28-2012 05:24

Be careful. As far as commemoratives go, they made a LOT of them. They are also pretty high-priced, so they've not been selling well at all. I wouldn't buy many, unless you're getting them at a blow-out price.

TSAX 03-28-2012 10:37

Depends what mods you do to it.

Things like trigger connector, ext mag release, ext slide release should be fine.

Night Sighs can be changed and changed back with no issues as long as the person doing it knows what there doing and does not damage/scratch the slide.

Mods that are more permanent can reduce the general value but it also depends if there is a buyer that wants that kind of mod. Example, removal of finger grooves (professionally or expertly done by none professional) then it should be fine.


Spartan24 03-29-2012 23:21

If you mod, that tells me you intend to shoot it. You shot it and collect ability flies out the window. At least at premium prices. Don't mod it and don't shoot it.

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