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fasteddie565 02-18-2012 11:03

45 GAPS for sale
Folks, we have a lot of people coming through here looking for GAP pistols. I know I searched for a G 39 for months and found it from a GT member and I bought my G 38 from a Bull dawg club member. Anyway, post the GAP ammo and pistol sales in here as you find them.

CookeMonster 02-24-2012 13:37 always has a few. Located in Southern California. Not the BEST prices, but they're always on tap.

fasteddie565 02-27-2012 07:05

Two Gun Jay said he has a few for sale as well.

leper65 02-27-2012 07:58

G37 w/5 mags and ammo
Here's a G37 in NC...not mine

twogunjay 03-02-2012 22:20

I currently have a NIB 37 and 38 blue label with 3 mags and a refurb 39. The GAP is a great round and a pleasure to shoot!

fasteddie565 03-10-2012 10:17

I just got rumor of a guy that has two GEN 3's, consecutive numbers, no pricing yet, is anyone interested? I bought the 1000 rds of Lawman ammo he had for $375.00

fasteddie565 03-24-2012 20:44

G 39, great deal
here is a GT member selling a G39 for a great price...

Shark1007 04-01-2012 20:33

I bought that one, I've been looking a while too for a 39.

Thank you, seller was nice guy for sure

fasteddie565 04-07-2012 21:34


Originally Posted by Shark1007 (Post 18789202)
I bought that one, I've been looking a while too for a 39.

Thank you, seller was nice guy for sure

Have you shot it yet? What do you think?

levallois 04-16-2012 13:05

I'm looking for a G39. Thanks!

fasteddie565 05-06-2012 05:03

Here is a G 37 ad lots (really, like 40 boxes) of carry ammo

fasteddie565 05-06-2012 05:05

Here is a similar deal with just the pistol

dsb1829 05-15-2012 10:28

Larry's Pistol & Pawn has all 3 gaps on sale @ $399

I think the 37 was the only one left 4 days after his sale flyer went public. I got his last 38.

fasteddie565 06-02-2012 04:40

This guy has two G 37's PTI with night sights for $350 each. Two left as of this posting.

twogunjay 06-03-2012 16:31

My distributor had 3 nib G39's in stock the other day. They would be $518 delivered. Ive been running Lawmen .45 GAP to guys for $375 delivered per 1,000 rounds.

fasteddie565 06-04-2012 05:29

Two Gun,

That's a great price. Is it the ammo that replicates the ballistics to the SGDHP?

fasteddie565 06-11-2012 15:13

Great price on a G 39
In the GT Classifieds

G 39 $415

fasteddie565 06-11-2012 15:23

MARKL Supply
Oops Old Ad

Rubicon46804 06-18-2012 18:48

I still have a G39 brand new in box for $415 plus shipping.

762DM 06-18-2012 22:47

I have a G38 with an RTF frame and Trijicons listed

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