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USMCgs3 02-15-2012 13:47

What was everyones MOS??
I will be point man:
0331, heavyguns
Outdoor Hub mobile, the outdoor information engine

Breadman03 02-15-2012 15:09

0341. 60mm fun

Finestkind 02-15-2012 15:51



c01 02-15-2012 16:37

13 B 105mm

RedHaze 02-15-2012 17:26


Gotta love the 03 field. Where the real Marines are! :whistling:

CA Escapee 02-15-2012 18:34

USN NEC, 6612. Avionics Tech.

I'm curious what the MOS for an Avionics Tech was in the USMC back in the late '70s & early '80's. They've all changed now.


02LimitedX 02-15-2012 18:46


wrenrj1 02-15-2012 18:51

91B40 Medical Platoon Sergeant.

-1-167th CAV, NE ARNG (Ret.)

Thanks to everyone that has served. :patriot:

02RC51 02-15-2012 19:47

USMC 6072 Aviation support equipment mechanic

USMCSergeant 02-15-2012 19:51

0352,0331 crosstrained, CAAT plt

3/6 Wpns

nrabnf 02-15-2012 20:02

95B Military Poleece...quite a bit of fun actually in the late 60's, our company
was rerouted from Nam to Germany after all the hijackings started.

ColdSteelNail 02-15-2012 20:10


igor 02-15-2012 21:19

dont remember the numbers, but i was an army counter intel warrant, and i also was a rotary winged aviator. later the same two as a commissioned officer. i know the numbers changed when i becams a 1lt. god so long ago

raven11 02-15-2012 21:22

1t1x1, aircrew life support

1911chevy 02-16-2012 18:01

13B and 31R

1sgranger75 02-16-2012 19:44

11B is there any other?

ldmtulsa 02-17-2012 07:22

2533 radio/telegraph operator
USMC 1966 - 1969

2-8 Marine 02-17-2012 07:57

0311, but back in the day ('65 - '69) that covered a lot of varied assignments. I did time as a Nuclear Weapons Security Guard with a Mardet, I was an Infantry Squad Leader and then a Desk Sgt with the Military Police. Now-a-days they're all separate MOS's I believe. Semper-Fi.

dooku77 02-17-2012 19:06

Motor T baby!!!!!

e z munny 02-17-2012 20:09

Hope you'll let an old USAF vet post in the Marine's section but I was in Weather (AFSC 25251) 1959-1963. There weren't very many of us, maybe 15-20 at a typical base.

dooku77 02-17-2012 20:27


Originally Posted by e z munny (Post 18595020)
Hope you'll let an old USAF vet post in the Marine's section but I was in Weather (AFSC 25251) 1959-1963. There weren't very many of us, maybe 15-20 at a typical base.

We all served for the same purpose. WE LOVE THE U.S.A. Semper Fi brothers.

2nd LAR BN

Scott3670 02-17-2012 23:35

Pure 100% grade-A civilian here. But I thank all of you who have served our great country. My very best to you all.

GermanyBound 02-18-2012 02:14


Bill Lumberg 02-18-2012 10:08

This is a cool thread. Not as much with USMC folks, but in board interviews, speaking strictly of former military folks, false statements regarding an interviewee's MOS, lack of knowledge about their stated MOS, or lack of knowledge of the specific location or duration of schools required for an MOS (for a given date range), or finally, a stated MOS that does not appear on their 214 long are among the more frequently encountered reasons for disqualification at my agency.

scottz0369 02-18-2012 15:43

Started as 0311, then 0313, 0331, 0352, and retired as 0369. Mostly with 1st and 3rd LAV/LAI/LAR battalion, except for B billets and the MiTT.

Semper Fi,
MSgt, USMC (ret) '87-'08

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