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casterbal 01-21-2012 23:59

Are there any "fake" Glock in the market?
Good day!

I am planning to buy a new Glock G27 .40 Semi-Automatic and to be honest, this is suppose to be my "first handgun". I have so many questions in my mind ..

1. Are there any "fake" Glock in the market?

2. How can I verify the authenticity of Glock product?

3. Once I bought it, can I take it home immediately? or just wait for the license to be cleared before they can release the item to me?

4. Normally, how long it will take to get a license?

5. What other requirements for the licensing?

6. Aside from Trust Trade, Aguila and Hahn, what other official Glock dealers?

7. Which is better G26 or G27?

PLEASE HELP ME GUYZ.. Thank you! God bless u all..

Allegra 01-22-2012 04:11

not a gun I'd recommend for a 1st gun bro
I assume it's a carry gun ,try mo g19
Di naman nagkalayo size nila
Buy from a reputable dealer
You wont be able to take the gun home w/out a license and a PTT , both of w/c will be provided by the said dealer

casterbal 01-22-2012 06:46

Salamat Sir Allegra sa reply =)

Actually sir nagtanong tanong na po ako sa isang gun store dyan sa pinas tru email.. mga around 47 K daw plus license at 2 weeks bago makuha ung license para sa G27. Reasonable ba ung presyo?! 47 K is fine to me as long as its orig pero nagbabaka-sakali sana ako na may mas mura sa iba..

Concealed weapon sana.. G27 sub-compact compare sa G19 na mukhang malaki? may mga Glock Gen 4 na po ba sa pinas? Ano po nga ba ung PTT? sorry..


P.S: Out of the country ako ryt now kaya di ako makapagtanung tanung personally sa mga gun store soon as I arrive im sure deretso agad ako sa malapit na gun store. LOL

Wp.22 01-22-2012 08:23

Fakes glocks never seen one but glock replicas like airsoft guns sobrang dami. Kung 1911 style pa sana ang bibilhin mo madaming fake like fake colts, sti,para but gor polyme medyo mahirap yata yung since you will still invest on machinery hindina kaya ng kikil at dremel yan.

Allegra 01-22-2012 08:26

Havent seen nor heard of fake glocks here
Di nako familiar sa presyo ng glocks, you have to ask around sa gunstores

PTT= permit to transport

if g27 talag type mo , then thats it then
it's a good gun

DragonEye 01-22-2012 08:51

Meron akong kakilala, G26 talaga ang gusto nya. Nung nahawakan nya pareho sa gun show yung G19 and G26, yung G19 pinili nya. Di naman pala daw ganung kalaki ang difference. My friend is a 5'0, 100lbs. female.

Point is, kung .40 caliber gusto mo, ikumpara mo yung G27 sa G23.

BrassKnuckle 01-22-2012 10:37


Originally Posted by casterbal (Post 18468464)
...Concealed weapon sana.. G27 sub-compact compare sa G19 na mukhang malaki?

Don't let the difference in length fool you. Very minor yung difference nila in length when it comes to concealability (pag waist carry).

Yung grip ang mahirap itago, and that's where the G26/27 has the advantage. Try mo hawakan and ask yourself of you can shoot it well that way. If you think you'll need a grip extender, that will make the grip of the G26/27 as big as that on the G19/23, and you might be better off with the latter.

I personally think that the G26/27 is too "specialized" (by nature of its action and size) a gun to be someone's first pistol. You'll be able to adapt to it, sure; but it'll take A LOT of work.

PMMA97 01-22-2012 19:12

contact lock and load.

proven store.

ofw's love them.

od green 01-22-2012 19:33

fake glocks??? wala nyan kahit sa ibang bansa

gen 4 glocks available na yan dito sa pinas (us version)

kung malakas ang grip mo go with .40 caliber otherwise 9mm
kung maliit ang kamay mo 26/27 is fine

you will need a PTC to carry it concealed in your body(permit to travel outside of residence)
kung ptt kasi madadala mo lang sya pero nasa sasakyan or bag dapat(tama ba?)

Allegra 01-22-2012 20:31

that said , I saw a guy in ormoc nag top 10 sa ipsc nationals w/ a g27 and extended mags

jprj 01-22-2012 23:21

Cheaper in trust trade.

jimbullet 01-22-2012 23:45

PTT is house to range and back only.

I believe trust trade has always been the cheapest in the industry. No fakes.

It really depends on what the main purpose of the pistol is that will determine the type of pistol or the model of glock you wish to have.

I had a G26 as my primary use was protection and utmost concealability which worked for me. 9mm because it packed the capacity I wanted over the 40.

od green 01-23-2012 01:36


Originally Posted by Allegra (Post 18472095)
that said , I saw a guy in ormoc nag top 10 sa ipsc nationals w/ a g27 and extended mags

dave sevigny ba name nya sir?

royal glockster 01-23-2012 04:18

fake glocks...wala...glock clones...marami.

jprj 01-23-2012 05:36

fake glocks, i believe none. pero tampered as in serial number replacement, maybe. But I also dont know.

z_e_n 01-23-2012 06:25

Allegra 01-23-2012 07:21


Originally Posted by od green (Post 18473152)
dave sevigny ba name nya sir?

hehe local ito , it was in the standard nationals in ormoc leyte
The shooter was a kapatid ng rp team member, and I belive a politician sa lugar

casterbal 01-23-2012 07:46

Salamat mga sir sa info.. really appreciated.

I guess, decided na ko sa G27 .40 cal Gen 4 if ever nga may mahanap pa ako sa pinas na G39 .45 cal subcompact din, eh mas ok? kaso mukhang wala ata.. I stand 5'8" and weigh 94 kgs. Mukhang matatagalan pa bago ko makabili kasi kauuwi ko pa lng ng pinas. Im currently working here in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates. May Shooting club din d2 kaso ang mahal! almost 60,000 pesos membership fee GOD! pambili na ko na un ng baril sa pinas.. tapos available firearms to rent are CARACAL variant only.. never heard before lol

P.S: Weapon of choice kasi ni "Hickok45" sa youtube ang G27 at dami nyang demo at reviews regarding this model.. so parang naingayo ako. lol


jprj 01-23-2012 07:49

Wala pa yatang G4 dito sa pinas.

casterbal 01-23-2012 07:54


Originally Posted by jprj (Post 18473529)
Wala pa yatang G4 dito sa pinas.

Cguro nga sir.. nabasa ko minsan sa ibang forum na banned daw dati ang 'pinas ng GLOCK? sounds like that..

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