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scubanoah 10-22-2011 23:54

6 port barrel recommendation
Just bought extended 6 port barrel for glock 34 9mm. What other upgrades would u suggest? Recoil spring weight, extractor modification or replace, best ammo, etc? Thanks

LoneWolfMarketing 10-24-2011 11:49

What type of ammunition are you using? A 6 port barrel is alot of porting for a 9mm. Generally people have to drop down recoil spring weight to 11-15 pounds. I personally recommend 11 lbs.

I would start with a SS guide rod and an 11 lb recoil spring and go from there.

I'll be addressing questions such as this on our new blog

If you have any more questions send them to and I'll try to make it into a post.

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