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hoghunter82 10-14-2011 13:48

Just admiring my new G34 gen 3 and noticed a stamp next to the Glock symbol on the exposed barrel portion of the firearm. The letters AT are stamped on there along with a pentagon next to the 9x19 stamp. Just curious as to if they meant anything.

JR 10-16-2011 21:30

I am thinking its a proof test mark. You got a pic?

hoghunter82 10-17-2011 07:07

I did a little research after I posted (should have done it before I posted!). Looks like the AT stands for Austria. Means the barrel was made in Austria. The Pentagon refers to the grade of steel used. At least this is what the majority of the searches I've done turn up. It does not have the proof mark on the slide.

JR 10-17-2011 22:50

Sounds good to me. Thanks for the follow up!

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