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unclecharlie 10-10-2011 20:34

loose trigger safety pin?
Was cleaning my Gen3 G23 last night after a pleasant afternoon of shooting and noticed that the pin through the trigger (that the trigger safety rotates on) was a little bit proud. It just sort of popped loose, I guess. Not completely out, just poking from the side of the trigger a little.

No problems shooting (thinking back, I might have noticed a little stubbornness in the trigger safety), and it popped right back in place, but I wonder if anyone has ever had an issue with this before?

Would hate for the trigger safety to disassemble itself and put my carry piece out of commission when I need it most.


JR 10-10-2011 21:23

This is the first I have ever heard of the safety pin working loose? I advise you replace the trigger w/trigger bar and be done with it.
FYI: If the pin were to fall out, the safety would fall away and the trigger would still work.

unclecharlie 10-11-2011 14:08

Thanks. Will get on that.

Good to know it won't stop it from functioning.


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