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MP9 10-10-2011 13:54

Glock gen3 , gen 4 trigger bar/pull
Hi guys..

I know the gen 4 has the trigger bar with the bump and the bent at the rear...
it is known the trigger pull is a little heavier than the previous gen 3..

but I've read about the recent gen 3 are coming with the same trigger bar.. (bump and bent)...

so, does anyone know if the trigger pull of these is heavier like the gen 4?

or am I wrong?

JR 10-11-2011 22:51

The Gen4 TB has a higher lift on the kick up portion of the cruciform. This is intended to provide more engagement of the striker leg. In doing so, it will seem like a longer, heavier trigger pull than ./previous (Gen3) TB.

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