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dirtfloorfab 10-06-2011 19:31

best barrel? 3rd gen 35
So Im getting a 35 soon and Ive been researching. Ive seen some big boom pictures on the internet. I dont plan to shoot reloads, but Ive been concerned about the shell coverage on the barrel breach(where they tend to crack supposedly) so im thinkin of upgrading it right away. Im thinking lwd which i figured you could answer a couple questions i have.

Is there more material around the ramp area, compared to stock? Have you had a barrel failure in the 40 cal model barrels? Is there more frame contact area on your barrels then stock?

Can i get a C-comp port done on a 35 model barrel made by you? (pm me a price if so please and thanks) And do you do any coating such as ion bonding on barrels?

thanks and appreciate the help, zeth

JR 10-09-2011 21:16

LWD barrel offer more support than the Gen1 & Gen2 barrels. Late in the Gen3 production Glock Inc was making feed ramp changes and catching up with their support. Gen4 barrels are pretty much fully supported.
We have lost a few barrels to KB however none were attributed to materials or workmanship. They were ALL directly related to improper reloads.
LWD offers several types of porting. See a few choices here

dirtfloorfab 10-19-2011 14:26

Ok I just have one more question in regards to shipping can I buy a barrel and a couple other small parts (slide cover,grip plug) fo I have to ship that to an ffl? Or can I get that to my home address?

JR 10-20-2011 10:31

We can ship every part of the gun direct to you except the frame. The frame must ship to an FFL.
The exception to this rule is if you ship us your firearm. If you ship us yours, in parts or complete, we can return ship it directly to you

dirtfloorfab 10-22-2011 18:04

Ok so bought the barrel for my 35 with c style ports should i get a new recoil system spring weight seein as it is now compensated what pound should i get with my new barrel thanks zeth

JR 10-23-2011 21:42

The 40's seem to run pretty good on the stock recoil spring. Give it a few rounds and then decide. If you have ejection issues consider the 15 lb spring and go down to the 11 if necessary.

dirtfloorfab 11-12-2011 15:15

Thanks for the help parts showed up back home I'll let you know how they run when I get back in december, also got a ghost 3.5 connector, stainless guide rod, ismi 17 15 and 13 pound spring, and a junta plug :)

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