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j-glock22 10-03-2011 18:03

GoldDot and Lawman availability?
I've been holding out for nearly a year now and still cannot seem to land any of my golddots or lawmans, at any local store or online.

Anybody have any luck here? 124gr/50rd boxes

M&P15T 10-03-2011 18:06

I don't mean to discourage you from your search if a specific ammo type/brand makes you happy, but keep one thing in mind. Any of the top quality/brand JHPs are going to do about the same thing, and no particular round is going to do anything special.

Pistols are great for concealed carry, but there's no ammo that will bring one even close to the stopping power of a good rifle or shotgun.

Also, you've posted in the wrong forum.

debbert 10-03-2011 18:10

All the ammo can be found here:

SigChef 10-03-2011 18:17


Originally Posted by debbert (Post 17997263)
All the ammo can be found here:

+1. They are my choice for hard to find high quality SD ammo. is usually my first stop, their shipping policy is great.

nastytrigger 10-03-2011 18:20


Originally Posted by debbert (Post 17997263)
All the ammo can be found here:

Great link!

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j-glock22 10-03-2011 18:29

I may not be in the right forum for this thread but I figured a broader range of feedback here....
Im a picky s.o.g. of the ammo I buy although I do have some alternative brands also....

Thx guys

j-glock22 10-03-2011 18:30

Yes ATG rocks. Their customer service is great

frostamp 10-03-2011 18:33

just got 1000 lawman here:

best price I've seen in awhile

beats ammotogo by $60!

beats ammoman by $50

byf43 10-03-2011 19:30

Gold Dot - $275/500 delivered - 124 gr +P

Lawman - $249/1,000 delivered - 124 gr FMJ


cowboy1964 10-03-2011 23:41

sgammo usually has Gold Dots and Lawman in various weights.

Warp 10-04-2011 14:52

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