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Wolf2012 09-18-2011 00:23

Need help, S&W k22 target masterpiece private re sell value?
I have a guy wanting to partial trade one of these for a firearm of mine.

His full description
S&W k22 target masterpiece j frame 6" barrel
Rated 80% to maybe 85%
Unknown year.
No box

What would it be worth for a realistic private resell.

Any help would be appreciated.

Jason D 09-18-2011 16:58

The K22 was a K frame.
I wouldn't pay more than 400 for one in that condition.

With box and in 98% condition you could pay 900 from one. Provided it's pristine.
The K22 is the epitome of a .22 target revolver. If you can snag it at a good price and it's mechanically excellent. You would have a fine shooter indeed.

Wolf2012 09-18-2011 18:29

Thank you for the information.
He was wanting $800 trade for it and i already told him i wouldn't do anything near that. That seemed way to high for its condition to me.

relayman 09-18-2011 18:41

He's kinda proud of those revolvers .

deadite 09-19-2011 09:37

Here's my 1948 5-screw Smith and Wesson K22 Masterpiece.

Mine was probably in that condition range and I paid $400.00 for it.

$800.00 for a K22, most likely a Model 17, in that condition is nuts.


Wolf2012 09-19-2011 13:57

Ya now the guy is trying to tell me a yugo under fold ak non m70 and a stainless beretta plus a few mags and a bit of ammo both used are worth more then $1900 to resell.

Bill Keith 09-20-2011 04:37

The seller is way too high. He wants more money than the local gun shop/museum here in Houston called Collector's's a link

Jerry 09-20-2011 07:51

I remember a guy at a gun show who had a Glock 19 for $550.00. That’s was back when 19s were selling for $435.00 full retail at the gun stores. I asked what he “really” wanted. He said he’d take $550.00. I laughed and walked away. Some people are just trolling for suckers. :shame:

Jason D 09-20-2011 15:32

Here's the thing though with this particular K22.

A Glock is a Glock. You've seen one, you pretty much have seen them all.
A Glock other than a singular rarity will never gain much in value.

The K22 on the other hand will only go up. It might take awhile though.
Even if it is in a lower than pristine condition. Regardless of their classic line. A S&W as fine as the K22 will never be made again.

MajorD 09-26-2011 16:06

it would be an appropriate price IF it was really a model 35- the 6 inch barreled j frame target gun- much more rare than the k22.

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