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gen4g23 09-17-2011 04:08

S/N Question for Gen4 G23
Hey guys a few months ago I bought a Gen4 G23. A guy sent me a chart that had the S/N's of the ones that got the bad spring put in them. I put over 1000 rounds through it before I got the new spring from Glock and never had one issue. So anyway I just bought a Gen 4 G23 and was wondering if anyone has that chart or knows where I can look at it to see if my new gen 4 has the bad spring in it. Like I said I have never had a problem out of the so called "bad springs" but just for the piece of mind I would like to find out. Thanks for any help

JR 09-18-2011 14:43

Check out the latest factory springs here
Check out Gen3 adapters to fit Gen4 here

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