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NEOH212 09-11-2011 01:42

Remington LE 700, What can I expect?
Hello Zak, I would like your opinion of the Remington Law Enforcement series rifles. Assuming factory match ammo and good optics, (Leupold mark 4 series) and a capable shooter behind the gun, What kind of accuracy can be expected from these guns? Also, is there anything that you would recommend to be done to these rifles short of full blueprinting to make them shoot better? Thanks.

Zak Smith 09-12-2011 10:12

You can usually find some match ammo that will shoot 0.75 MOA or a little bit better.
The best thing you can do it to increase the effective accuracy is to (1) make the rifle fit you ergonomically, (2) handload or shoot the ammo the rifle "likes the best", and (3) train.

NEOH212 09-12-2011 17:59

Thank you Zak.

NEOH212 10-03-2011 02:16

I just got my new Remington 700 LE in .308. At 100 yards with Federal gold medal 168 BTHP, I'm getting .68" 3 shot groups. 5 shot groups open up to .94 and my largest 5 shot group was 1.1" on the dot! What I don't understand is the Black hills match 175 grain ammo shoots a little larger 3 shots groups @ .79 but the largest 5 shot group with the same ammo is no more than .90"! I tried this several times on separate days. There was little difference and the heavier bullet weight prevailed again and again. How can this be with 1:12 twist rate? I thought the slower rate of twist wouldn't stabilize the heavier bullets as well as when compared to what a faster rate of twist would? My FN SPR is just the opposite and it also has a 1:12 twist rate. Am I missing something here or is it just that my rifle favors the Black Hills ammo over the Federal? :dunno:

Zak Smith 10-03-2011 09:06

It just means you rifle likes the BH load better.

1:12 is sufficient for 175's, so the twist rate thing is a red herring.

NEOH212 10-03-2011 14:51

Thanks again!

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