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BigEAGLE 08-25-2011 15:27

got my glock 29
:supergrin: got my glock 29 :) WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOT!

Crosseyed Shooter 08-26-2011 07:08

My new 29 has the same "fired" date as yours. I have put night sights and 200 rounds through mine since last Friday. It is a sweet gun. I went from a G27 to the G29 for carry.

HAMMERHEAD 08-31-2011 17:42

Your recoil spring is a little different than my gen 2.5 29.

If you put the recoil spring in with the end of the spring wire pointing up, it goes in easier. True for most guns.

You should try the Pearce pinky extension on at least on mag, big help for me.

bac1023 08-31-2011 21:19

Congrats on the G29.

inspectorjj 09-02-2011 19:51

Congrats on the G29 and great video also. My next purchase will be the G29SF. It will be my Christmas present this year to me from me with love.

_The_Shadow 09-02-2011 20:34

Congrats! Hope you have as much luck and fun as I do with mine!

Glock Master 09-02-2011 21:51


BigEAGLE 09-04-2011 00:03

thanx guys. i just got some decal grips (the rubber ones). and a magazine spacer to go on the glock 20 15 rnd magazine i have. it's late (2 am) right now so i'll put these on tomorrow since i don't have to work tomorrow.:cool:

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