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ModGlock17 07-22-2011 12:31

Family Picture: Post your 10mm Toy(s) here

The G29 compared to G26

Sprinco Recoil reducer on G20

ModGlock17 07-22-2011 12:38

Side by side

Ghost Tactical in G20

_The_Shadow 07-22-2011 13:41

Six of a kind...

The Black Sheep of the FAMILY...

ModGlock17 07-22-2011 13:49

Shadow, That's a sharp looking bunch!

mudrush 07-22-2011 13:50


Originally Posted by _The_Shadow (Post 17667096)

Very Very Nice Collection. :faint:

_The_Shadow 07-22-2011 13:59

Thanks! ModGlock 17 you have some nice siblings, looks like they play well together!

Thanks! MudRush, It took a while for the FAMILY to come together, but things work out sometimes...I need to do another family portait with the extra barrels for the Smith's when they are finished.

THE PUNISHER 07-22-2011 15:14
heres 2 G20c and a OD G20

agtman 07-22-2011 17:03

Big-Hard Splatt.

Colt Custom Cool.

NP3 Twins.

Not mine, but wish it was ... :whistling:


_The_Shadow 07-22-2011 19:25

The Punisher & AGTMAN, nice pistolas, some day I may get a Bren Ten or a Bren Ten Clone if ever VLTOR get's off their A55...

21Carrier 07-22-2011 19:35

Shadow, I don't like you anymore. No one man should have that many awesome 10mm pistols. Don't ever talk to me again.

Of course I'm kidding. I'm jealous. Hell, I'm jealous of just your G29 barrel collection. All of you have awesome collections.

_The_Shadow 07-22-2011 20:20

I'm sorry Carrier...I have preached about how addictive the 10mm is, I need blinders when I walk past them at gun shows and I broke out in hives just seeing all of these right here today! Pass the BENADRYL Allergy and Anti-Itch medications...

THE PUNISHER 07-22-2011 20:51

I had a G29 and like a idiot I sold it and now looking for a sf 29

inspectorjj 07-22-2011 21:06

21Carrier 07-22-2011 21:53

Here's mine, along with all the crap I carry daily:

And here's an action photo (it's too pretty not to keep posting):

PBRLite 07-22-2011 22:05

Crappy cell phone pic:

pitdog02 07-23-2011 03:42

THE PUNISHER 07-23-2011 05:24

Awesome pics!

swinokur 07-23-2011 06:37

Here's mine. waiting for my bid on a Smith 1066 off Gunbroker

_The_Shadow 07-23-2011 09:52

Glad to see so many people sharing, Passion for the "10" is awesome!

PitDog, very nice machine work on those slides...Sweet!

Swinokur, also a very nice collection, is that first Delta polished or chromed?

Damn I'm itching again!

bizarrocolin 07-23-2011 10:13

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I love the variety here, glocks, colts, smiths, brens, revolvers (I know, I already mentioned smiths)...good to see them all. I'm envious of those of you with the G20s with standard capacity mags.

Here are my kids

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