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G36_Me 07-18-2011 16:43

reloading 380 auto
Just did a search on 380 auto and found only one thread in GT...

I have a 380 Auto that I'm reloading for. (Sig Sauer P238).

So far I've reloaded some Rainier 100gr Plated Round Nose and some cast lead 95gr Round Nose.

Powder I've tried is Titegroup and Bullseye.

For the Titegroup I've loaded from 2.6 to 3.1 grains and they all feel about the same.
For the Bullseye I've loaded 2.9 and 3.0 grains (just the variation of the throw, not on purpose) These feel the same as the range of Titegroup loads.

For overall length, I've been at: .935; .957 and .973. All have worked, shot, and passed a drop check in the barrel.

Now my issues:
I think I'd like a FMJ type of bullet... Any recommendations? and especially where to get them?

And for powders? Any recos?

And for Overall Length? any suggestions.

In summary, I'm really after your experience with a FMJ and what the powder and length should be. Any other data is a bonus.

Colorado4Wheel 07-18-2011 16:49

I have used some Montana Golds (95gr I think) with Power Pistol. I liked it a lot. You can find the thread by searching for my post. I also loaded some Lead 105 gr with Solo 1000 (fast powder). I prefered the feel of the Power Pistol. More umph, seemed more accurate.

dbarry 07-18-2011 17:05

These are great 380 bullets:

Ceapea 07-18-2011 20:07

For my Sig P232, I have over a dozen different combo's of bullets and powders loaded up and ready to test velocity and accuracy. I usually test accuracy first and if it is good, I'll clock them.
The best so far, has been my 100gr Xtreme Plated RNFP (round nose flat point) bullet over 3.4gr Universal. COAL is always .960 for my loads. This length works well with my magazines. It is very accurate out of my gun out to 50', which is the max at my indoor range. I've even used it for shootin' pins!
Also, 3.2gr is very good. I have not yet to clocked either of these rounds.

Boxerglocker 07-18-2011 21:43

I use the freakshow load for .380 100g Berrys RN 3.2g HP38 @ .980 OAL with Federal small pistol primers.Nothing but flawless and accurate out of my P3AT.

ColoCG 07-19-2011 15:44

I load 100gr. Berry's RNHB bullets with 3.1gr. WST at col. .970" with either REM 1/2 or CCI 500 sp primer. It works great in my LCP and Walther PPK.

PCJim 07-20-2011 21:07

If you want some economical shooting from your P238 (I love mine, by the way), buy some Missouri Bullets "Secret Agent" 95gr LRNs and load them over 2.9gr W231 at 0.98 COL.

freakshow10mm 07-20-2011 23:03


Originally Posted by Boxerglocker (Post 17650381)
I use the freakshow load for .380 100g Berrys RN 3.2g HP38 @ .980 OAL with Federal small pistol primers.Nothing but flawless and accurate out of my P3AT.

Every handloader that emails me about loading for the .380 ACP asks for a starting point. I tell them 100gr Berry's RN with 3.2gr HP38/W231 @ .980 OAL and that's all you need to know. :wavey:

CitizenOfDreams 07-21-2011 00:05

95gr Berry's bullet is working good for me with a little help from 3.0gr of Unique. CCI 500 primer, OAL 0.97".

fredj338 07-21-2011 09:17

Wehn I loaded for the 380, W231 was my choice for 88gr-102gr bullets, but many powders work. OAL as always, bullet & gun specific.

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