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VAMarine 07-16-2011 12:50

Central Iowa: Wolf Creek IDPA Match July 24th - Traer, IA
We will be holding or normal monthly match on July 24th: ****match moved to August 6th!****


We're looking at four stages making for 60 rounds, THIS DOES NOT INCLUDE THE SIDE MATCH so bring more ammo.. There are a pair of short range reactive scenario stages; a large target rich environment stage ripped from the headlines; and a stage that requires the shooter to defend a doorway with both shotgun and handgun. I'm planning to bring a couple of 12 gauge pump shotguns and a case of shells. If other people want to bring iron sighted 12 gauge pump guns that hold at least four shells they are welcome to. Bringing a box of birdshot along might also be a good idea in case we run short.

The match should run fairly quick in two bays. I'd like to score the match immediately after we shoot it and use the match standings to pair people up for the man-on-man sidematch. That should give everyone a first round opponent of similar skill level to shoot against. For those that have never tried it, man-on-man plate shoots are a hoot. We'll use standard main match equipment.

For more details including stage diagrams and a map to the range, visit the WolfCreek Website

VAMarine 07-23-2011 16:26

Match rescheduled to August 6th!

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