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Glocktrigger 06-27-2011 18:27

Bob Vogel endorses New Competition Trigger System!
Vogel Endorsement!

Check out the website:

VOLGRAD 06-28-2011 05:45

Congrats. That's a win for sure.

legacy38 07-24-2011 16:12

This rocks.

Kansas Slim 07-24-2011 16:24

If I could shoot like one guy, it would probably be Bob. He can keep up with the top of the crop and their open guns while using his limited Glock. Pretty impressive. Congrats on the endorsement.

Glocktrigger 07-24-2011 16:49

Thanks! Very glad to have Bob's endorsement. I have always been a fan of his skill with a Glock or any gun for that matter.

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