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C0untZer0 06-19-2011 21:17

Do Lone Wolf barrels work OK with CCF's ?
Do Lone Wolf barrels work OK with CCF's ?

A quote from CCF's website:


We have machined it to precisely fit the frame to eliminate any free play which results in play in the trigger action. We also machined the bridge on the lock block slightly taller than the original Glock® block, to help the barrel lock up tighter which gives the firearm tighter groups.

A number of aftermarket makers, looking for the same resulting greater accuracy, cut their barrels’ lugs slightly oversized to achieve the same tighter lockup as our raised lock block bridge. However, combining the aftermarket barrel with our lock block, without proper fitting and clearance confirmation, can easily cause your barrel to shear a lug or damage the lock block in your frame! That aftermarket barrel, just because it functioned with your Glock® frame, does not mean it will in your CCF RaceFrame®.

LoneWolfMarketing 06-20-2011 10:52

I talked with our Armorer, he said that he's put together quite a few of them and never had any issue and he's had quite a few customers that did them and nobody has called back with issues. So I'd say you are ok.

C0untZer0 06-20-2011 16:40

That's good to know.

I like the Timberwolf frame, I just have my mind set on a steel frame... I'd like to have an all NP3+ Glock G17L clone, (I know it's a weird obsession).

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