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FlyboyLDB 05-25-2011 21:06

G27 ftf
Just about every other round experiences a FTF. A slight racking of the slide and it continues to feed properly. Almost like the slide is not traveling far enough back in the process. Not limp wristing. Not the ammo and not the mags. Ammo works fine in my G22 & G23 - plus I was utilizing 3 or 4 different brands. Swapped mags. The first 300 rounds worked fine. I cleaned the gun and tested again with same results. Visual inspections has not revealed any clues. I purchased this gun new approx 2 years ago. Have not fired it that much. Maybe a trip back to Glock is in order?

JR 05-28-2011 21:12

Polish the ramp and lube the rails. Should be good to go after that

FlyboyLDB 10-03-2011 12:37

I took it to Glock. They replaced the front & rear sights, firing pin, recoil spring, trigger bar, locking block pin, firing pin spring, slide cover plate, and tossed in a new Glock magazine with a +1 extension. He said he replaced some of the parts that probably were not needed.

Took it to the range this weekend to test out. Works great with the original 2 mags that came with the gun and with the new one Glock tossed in. I went to shoot with my backup mags (a G23 13 round and a G22 15 round). I had FTF to feed on the 3rd - 4th rounds every time. So I went back to the short (original) mags and all was perfect. I shot the G23 & G22 mags in my G23 gun several times - no failures at all. So back to the G27 with the G23 & G22 mags - FTF everytime - starting around the 3rd round. Prior to my original issue - I was able to shoot these mags just fine.

Any ideas or is another trip to Glock in order?

JR 10-03-2011 12:40

Take a look at the followers. Upgrade the 22/23 followers to the same one used in your current 27 magazine. Prove the 22/23 mags with new followers in your G27 first. All should be well if it also functions in the 22/23 pistols. If not, make some choices as to where you want to be

FlyboyLDB 10-03-2011 12:48

I would have never thought of that. Thanks.

JR 10-03-2011 13:03

We are waiting on a range report, hurry up!

FlyboyLDB 10-05-2011 22:07

I examined the followers on the problem mags and compared them to the followers on the working mags - all look the same to me and in good shape. Should I just replace one and do a trial run?

JR 10-09-2011 21:00

They may look the same however there is a number stamped on them that will easily identify the series you need to upgrade to. Find the number on the mags that feed and upgrade all other mags to the same number

FlyboyLDB 10-10-2011 06:44

GT Distributors had their Glocktoberfest this past wekend with Glock armorers on-site. I took it for a visit. They are pretty much in line with what you said. They said once Glock replaced all the springs, etc, the 27 is running in top notch mode - but the older mags are not. They recommended rebuilding the existing or purchasing new. I just purchased a couple of new Glock 22 mags for backup mags. With the sale they had going on, it was the same cost as rebuilding existing. And they said that is the reason Glock tossed in a new mag - because people typically have issues with older mags. I have not been to the range yet to prove everything - but will get there in a couple of weeks.

They also stated all mags that are relied on for personal safety should be rebuilt with new spings & followers or replaced with new mags every 3 years - this, assumed they are kepts loaded or are being loaded on a regular basis. Learning more everyday.

Stand by for range report.

FlyboyLDB 10-26-2011 11:10

Instead of rebuilding the existing Glock 22 mags (I carry for back up for my 27), I just purchased a couple of new ones during the sale. Out to the range this morning - all worked perfect. So it was the existing Glock 22 mags - although I purchased them new some time ago and have not used them much. I guess since the "older" G22 mags still work for my G23, I will just pair them up with that gun.

JR 10-26-2011 11:17

Thanks for the update

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