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Fangs404 02-08-2011 19:38

picked up a hard chrome AK47 from Classic Arms!
AK with accessories by gcfairch, on Flickr
GP WASR-10/63 by gcfairch, on Flickr
ROMARM by gcfairch, on Flickr
slant break by gcfairch, on Flickr
wood stock by gcfairch, on Flickr

The whole family!
AK and little brother by gcfairch, on Flickr

I ordered this guy from Classic Arms, and it arrived today. I've wanted an AK-47 ever since I got into guns. This last year, I zeroed my credit cards, and due to a tax refund I totally forgot about, I could finally afford one! Classic occasionally sells hard chrome guns, and I fell in love with the hard chrome AK. (Note that hard chrome is different from standard chrome plating. In fact, the chrome lining the barrels of most AKs is hard chrome.) Anyway, Classic had a couple available this last week, so I finally did it.

Due to impossibly cold weather here in Iowa and the fact that I'm still recovering from the flu, I won't be able to take it out to the range until this weekend, but I can't wait. I have 1000 rounds of some non-corrosive Brown Bear just sitting on my floor taunting me.

NeverMore1701 02-08-2011 20:03

That's kinda cool, in a weird way. I dig it!

rfe959 02-08-2011 20:06

I don't know what to say...Congrats!

tadbart 02-08-2011 20:22

i think it's one of the prettiest AKs i've ever seen. congrats.

sk65 02-08-2011 20:23

Very cool!

musicman10_1 02-08-2011 20:24

Congratulations. I like it.

Fangs404 02-08-2011 20:41

Thanks guys! When I was doing research before buying, a lot of people seemed to ask questions about Classic Arms' hard chrome AK, but most of the answers were just conjecture because not many people owned one. Figured I'd actually post some worthwhile pictures. :)

Dalton Wayne 02-08-2011 21:13


Range Rat 02-09-2011 06:53

Man, that looks great especially with bayo attached. I saw them on Classic Arms' site and wanted one bad. Still do.

TheGrimReaper 02-09-2011 10:33

Different. but I like it!!!

RedHaze 02-09-2011 12:24

Met a guy in iraq that had one of those, with an airgun scope zip tied to it. We told him he was the coolest guy ever.

BBJones 02-09-2011 12:56

different strokes.

stopatrain 02-09-2011 12:59


carloglock19 02-09-2011 16:27

Looks awesome!

Glockdude1 02-09-2011 16:32

I like it......


-gunut- 02-09-2011 17:03

Man that thing is ugly :freak:

farmer-dave 02-09-2011 18:23

I like it, it really cuts down on the maintenance when the barrel and the exterier are hard chromed. It looks good with the wood.

RMTactical 02-09-2011 18:55


Originally Posted by RedHaze (Post 16840932)
Met a guy in iraq that had one of those, with an airgun scope zip tied to it. We told him he was the coolest guy ever.

What? You didn't take any pictures??

drdriller 02-09-2011 19:17


Navitimer 02-09-2011 19:20

Nice my man - i'm not used to seeing AKs in chrome but it looks pretty cool. Enjoy your new rifle!!

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