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Glock23shooter 11-05-2010 23:59

New Toy (Glock Inside)
Just picked this up tonight.

My first Compensated glock i also bought it to make my friend jealous since he went off and bought a G19c a month back without telling me till i got supprised.

Not too sure what i'm going to do besides throw my other night sights on and maybe shoot it but i think it's a great buy...I know C mode glocks are rare as is, once i saw this one i had to jump on it. :tongueout:

BryGuy 11-06-2010 00:04

Congratulations on your new toy!

nedfolks 11-06-2010 01:23

Very nice!!

glockfanbob 11-06-2010 06:32

Congrats! Like you, once I saw a C model I had to have one.

dc2integra 11-06-2010 13:57

congrats on the new glock

bac1023 11-06-2010 19:44

Congrats! :cool:

Two Guns 11-06-2010 20:07

Very nice, Congrats

ctfireman 11-06-2010 21:35

Very cool. I've always been intrigued by C models.

Glock23shooter 11-06-2010 22:48

Thanks alot guys here is some more Glock porn...:D

G26S239 11-06-2010 22:59

It looks good, congrats.

CTM_357 11-06-2010 23:09

Very nice!!

Hugo R 11-06-2010 23:24

Sweet and congrats!


Skadoosh 11-06-2010 23:41

Dude i just got my G19 yesterday! my first. such a great feeling. and i worked my butt off for it!

awq134 11-06-2010 23:42

never shot a compensated pistol before so i'm curious as to how much of a difference it makes in regards to muzzle climb... please let me know!

and very nice looking pistol

sfguard 11-06-2010 23:47

Looks like someone likes their "C" models

Glock23shooter 11-06-2010 23:55

Everyone likes shooting a glock and havn't shot a C model then you don't know what your missing! It's one of the nicest features and is deff worth the extra money. the 3 C model's are G19c, 32c and 20c (10mm) Feels VERY nice. :)

Pretty much why i love them so much. The compensator makes a BIG difference for more accurate improvement and less recoil kick all tho glocks recoil's are smooth enough as is.

Glock23shooter 11-07-2010 21:01

might be adding a 17c tomorow will see...

matt c 11-08-2010 08:32


doneroman 11-08-2010 09:09


Gary1911A1 11-08-2010 10:18


Originally Posted by Glock23shooter (Post 16259411)

Very Nice! I'm sure you will like the 32 in 357Sig. If anything there should be more pressure with the 357Sig than there was with your G19 Compensated 9MM so you will likely notice even more recoil lift. Plus you could use it in an emergency survival situation to start a fire. :supergrin:

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