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tokarevsvt 11-27-2010 18:20

Todays R&R - SCAR16S
Today we loaded up the Suburban and went up to the SHF clandestine testing lab for some fun shooting. In addition to bringing our products we also bring an assortment of other firearms. The newest addition to the SHF library is the SCAR16S. For those who havent had a chance to fire the SCAR yet - WOW - its a awesome rifle - simple in design and flawless in operation. This is on the SHF facebook page!/video/vid...41974&comments

seanmcp 12-20-2010 21:21

Here's the review I read that impressed me; sadly, eating Wolf ammo tends to be a pretty good test of any weapon's ability to eat 'possibly odd' ammo.

What're you feeding yours?

tokarevsvt 12-22-2010 22:07

SCAR16S eating habits
That day I didnt bring any wolf ammo - I believe it was white boxed Federal ammo. We are going out on Friday again and Wolf will be in attendence for testing.

seanmcp 12-22-2010 22:09

Almost a shame to put wolf into a nice gun *laugh* The only one of mine that gets Wolf is the WASR (because, really, it's a freaking AK variant and I don't care if it gets whanged up a bit).

tokarevsvt 12-22-2010 22:26

ammo diet
Being a battle rifle I like having the ability to fire any ammo available. With AR's its hit and miss with Wolf. The Galil clone will eat anything. My Microtech only likes brass cased ammo. The C93 clone eats Wolf with a smile. Also trying out some CBC .50 BMG ammo for the first time.

seanmcp 12-22-2010 22:49

100% agreed on any battle-ready weapon. I'll be honest; my ARs are for 'pretty target shooting' so I'm a bit picky with what I feed them - brass only and stuff w/ no lacquer. Yes, I'm being snobby with the ARs, I guess (I like them to look good and run clean so the less crap I burn in them the better). On the opposite side, I feel silly putting 'good' ammo into an AK variant! I can't say I've ever worried about scrubbing lacquer and paint off the chamber with a serious wire brush. I don't think I'd feel bad using a dremel to clean a WASR, at this point. :whistling: I'm waiting for it to warm up (and today's only day 1 of winter!!!) so I can take the SHF Ultramag on that dedicated lower I bought last year to KCR and put a new scope on it that's sitting here for Christmas.

tokarevsvt 12-24-2010 21:30

Christmas Eve trigger time
Went out shooting today (great FL winter weather) Brought the SCAR16S out to test some other brands of ammo for function. Had some Norinco .223, steel cased Czech .223 and steel cased Wolf. All three functioned in the SCAR16S - the Wolf seemed aliitle wimpy and on the last round failed to cause the bolt hold open to function. Along with the SCAR I brought a AR 15 carbine. This rifle is made from parts from all vintages. The upper lacks the shell deflector bump and when firing the Wolf ammo it seems every case hit me in the face (I pickup left handed). Both the Norinco and Czech ammo threw the empties clear of my noggin. Also tried out the Brazilian CBC .50 BMG ammo - Fired and extracted fine.

seanmcp 12-24-2010 22:31

Lucky man; we're getting 4" of snow tonight :(

Is that a single shot lower? You making them again, by any chance? Would love to put one under my upper from you :)

tokarevsvt 12-25-2010 08:12

No new single shot lowers yet - most likely sometime in the spring.

seanmcp 12-25-2010 08:21

Please Consider one sold whenever you have the next run *grin*

tokarevsvt 12-25-2010 08:57

clear and high 40's here - supposed to rain tonight - part of the crappy weather you guys are dealing with. I could sell 100 lowers today if I had them.

seanmcp 12-25-2010 09:09

That's what happens when you make good products :)

tokarevsvt 02-20-2011 19:22

SCAR16S likes PMC so does the C-93
Todays trip to the range included the SCAR16S, CIA C-93 and the DPMS AR10. The ammo diet for the SCAR and C-93 was PMC Gold brand - it worked great in both rifles. I brought some IMI .308 surplus for the DPMS AR10 - it didnt work great - Had a couple rounds sick in the chamber. I will have to take a closer look at that rifle tomorrow.

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