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cb3725 11-03-2010 14:37

Duracoat over krylon
I have an older kylon'ed hipoint 995. Basically, I also have some leftover duracoat I want to use and am curious if anyone has ever tried duracoating directly over krylon after degreasing but without removing the krylon first. I'd strip it, but I don't know how acetone or MEK would affect the plastic stock.

RobarGuns 11-12-2010 08:40

I suspect the adhesion would be spotty over the Krylon. I would also cautoin you against using acetone or MEK on plastic parts!

ontarget1911@gmail.c 11-12-2010 08:59

Media Blast
I have redone several plastic guns that have had previous "refinishes". I just media blast them and then refinish with Duracoat. Of course if the finish is 3-10 coats thick then I am not sure this would work well.

OnTarget Custom Gunworks

hamburger 11-12-2010 09:07

Brake cleaner is safe against polymer frames. I've done it. I haven't soaked it over night, but have sprayed it to remove existing grease.

I think brake cleaning sprays will remove krylon, but definitly not duracoat.

Gamer53 12-26-2010 12:57

My other half, who does duracoating, tried the duracoat over krylon on an old Shotgun as a test. She covered half the shotgun with DC over krylon and the other half with DC. She then had my #1 son take it out in the field and in the back of the PU for a month.. With the DC over K, the DC chipped and showed wear marks down to the metal. The DC alone showed normal wear for the DC.

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