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g20addicted 10-17-2010 04:55

Glock 20 trigger mod question
Hi there guys!

This is my first post here in the forum.
I'm a happy onwner of a G20C (that's the reason of my nickname) and I'm more than happy with it, apart from the fact that is almost new (just fired 300 rds up to now) and I really don't feel right with the standard trigger "two-parts" pull...
I'd like to modify it so that the trigger pull and "run" is CONSTANT without the "step" at the end of the pull... if you know what I mean.

I do not wish, however, to change the firing pin spring and the firing safety pin spring (unless it is strictly necessary to obtain a perfect combination)

What could I use to improve the trigger (to make it smoother all the way from the beginning to the end)? Do I need to use the NY1 and/or NY2 glock triggers or do I just need to change the little spring with a stronger one?
What do you suggest?

And, second question, I'd like to know what is the recoil spring force on the G20C... is it 17 lbs?


JR 10-18-2010 18:21

If you do not want to change any of the other springs I recommend you install a NY8. Try it first with the connector in your gun (5LB). If that feels too heavy on the pull try a 3.5LB connector.
Both will provide a constant pressure trigger pull. One will be slightly heavier than the other.
Factory recoil spring weight of the G20 is 17LBS

g20addicted 11-15-2010 08:29

I've installed the NY1 trigger spring and the Ghost 3,5 Lbs connector. Now the trigger feel is much better than before.

Would I get an even better feel if I also change the firing spring and the firing pin safety?

JR 11-15-2010 15:20

You will get a different feel if you change the striker spring. They offer a 4/5/6. The factory pistols are issued with a 5.
Better trigger, well that is subjective. Try it and tell me what you think?
Trigger parts are CHEAP. Having all of them available will not set you back much more than a case of cheap beer.

g20addicted 11-16-2010 03:19

yes, infact being so cheap I think I'll give it a try on the 4lbs firing pin spring... :)

I still do not wish (maybe) to change the pin safety spring as it is a safety feature and I would not want to have troubles with it...

But concerning the 4lbs firing pin spring, can there be any trouble (misfire) when used with CCI 350 Large Magnum primers? I mean, are they harder than the CCI 300 or the force required to ignite them is the same?

JR 11-16-2010 17:41

There can be a problem with any part at any time. The golden rule is: If you change any part you need to prove its reliability by shooting another couple hundred rounds. Do it or don’t do it.... Its your call.

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