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TScottW99 10-12-2010 06:51

Wet spring pics
I have been running cameras for six weeks on this piece of property with not a whole lot of luck. This last set was the best place on the property with 370 pics, only 1/2 of which were cows.

Here are some photos with the Spypoint IR-6. My lens did get quite dirty due to a cow & a bear licking all over it. Thank goodness for my bear safe.

CC Glock 10-18-2010 16:33

I would love to smoke a bear with my boy. Good luck this season

TScottW99 10-20-2010 19:08

Thanks! Broke my arm right before bow season.... waiting on muzzleloader, I can shoot left handed with that :supergrin:

thejellster05 10-20-2010 20:46

Awesome! Nice avatar too OP. A guy I work with just got a nice black bear with a bow and I'm enjoying some bear steaks-never had it before this year.
not bad just greasy like a ribeye.

striker6126 10-20-2010 22:42

nice pics

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