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carguy2244 09-07-2010 21:25

New Baer
I'm looking at a new Baer. Can you NP3Plus the entire weapon? Will it void the warranty? How long will it be out of my possession?

RobarGuns 09-08-2010 13:27

Yes, we can plate the pistol with NP3 Plus other than the springs & sear (whice are not plated on any 1911). You would have to check with Les Baer as we cannot speak for them regarding their warranty. Current turnarond for metal finish is about 6 weeks. Let us know if you have nany questions ans thanks for your interest in our NP3 Plus!

carguy2244 09-08-2010 17:29

They just answered. Negative. I'll get a different weapon before I compromise on the NP3 Plus finish.
I'm looking for super accuracy like their 1.5 inch guarantee...suggestions?

rsxr22 12-13-2010 21:09

Wilson Combat

Ahmid 02-16-2012 06:03

Get the Baer, you won't be sorry...

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