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DrtyHarry 08-19-2010 16:01

serrated vs. straight edge blades for EDC
I know this topic was brought up before, but I don't have the access to contribute to the thread so I thought I would ask here.

From a self defense point of view, would you rather carry a single edge blade, a double edge blade, or one with serrations. I can see the advantage of having a serrated blade that could cut through leather jackets (or a seat belt in an emergency)....but my understanding is that serrated blades can get caught up in clothing heaven forbid you get into a knife fight.

I would like to hear the opinion of those who carry concealed knives for self defense purposes. Thanks!


Ernest Emerson 01-12-2011 15:40

RE: serrated vs. straight edge blades for EDC
Dear DrtyHarry,

Always - always, carry a knife with serrations. That is an internet myth that I wish would go away. Think of hitting something with the force of a baseball swing. Serrations do not hang up on anything. Never did. Never will.

Best Regards,

Ernest R. Emerson

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