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FLSlim 07-07-2010 18:58

Dinged up 40 S&W brass
Maybe this should go to General or Gunsmithing, but you reloaders might be in the best position to comment. I started shooting and reloading a G23 about 4 or 5 months ago. All the ejected cases (regardless of make) show nicks at the case mouth and V-shaped scar extending from the case mouth for about one-quarter inch down the case. This occurs both with the Glock and a LW barrel. If it wasn't happening with both barrels, I would think maybe it was a loading ramp that needed some smoothing, but?? Anyhow, I have two questions: any ideas of what could be causing the brass damage, and, while I have continued to reload this brass (with no problem that I can see), would any of you forumers have concern with doing that?

GioaJack 07-07-2010 19:12

Slim, it's just a result of the ejection process. Depending on the design of the gun some will do it and other designs not. It occurs when the case hits either the barrel hood or part of the ejection port... again, depending on the design.

Your sizing die and flare will will bring it back to loadable condition. Don't lose sleep over it.


Randy from Kansas 07-07-2010 19:23

Just like jack said. It's Normal

DWARREN123 07-07-2010 20:21

Possibly the recoil spring. The brass is not clearing the ejection port fully.
Mine does not mark the brass.

DEADLYACCURATE 07-07-2010 20:24

My Glocks do it with my hotter loads

FLSlim 07-08-2010 10:09

Thanks for taking the time to reply. This is the only autoloader that I've had this happen to (BTW reloads were middle-of-the-road loadings, I stay away from pushing the 40 with handloads). You guys are great.

Keep firing away and thanks again.

Colorado4Wheel 07-08-2010 10:18

From the other thread....


Originally Posted by CitizenOfDreams (Post 15593454)

8th SPS USAF 07-08-2010 10:40


We used to have the same problem with 1911's about 30 yrs ago.

We solved it by opening the port in the slide a little.


Hogpauls 07-08-2010 15:02

What generation G23 do you have? I have a gen 2 with the 90 degree breach face and every single case comes out dinged. I believe the newer generations have a more open breach face and this problem occurs less (someone correct me if I'm wrong). If you do have the 90 degree you can send it in to Glock to get a free upgrade. The casings are still fine and return to normal during sizing, although it may shorten case life.

FLSlim 07-08-2010 16:17

Hogpauls, thanks for the feedback. My 23 is a gen 3, so maybe just a quirky pistol. I'll keep pouring the powder to the cases until they look like they just can't take it no mo'.

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