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Helodad 05-12-2010 18:34

Pull weight?
Do have any idea of your trigger pull weight on your kits. thanks Jim

Glocktrigger 05-12-2010 18:50


They run about 2lb.-7oz. maybe some maybe a bit lower. Tested with a Lyman Digital Scale. Do you know which trigger you are interested in?

Helodad 05-12-2010 18:55

I will have to give you a call I new to comp shooting (but I'm good) I would probably have a bunch of specific questions. I will give your shop a call tomorrow should i ask for you?

Glocktrigger 05-12-2010 20:06

Yes, I will be available. Looking forward to speaking with you Jim.

My name is Jeff Wilson.

Helodad 06-14-2010 16:33

Love the trigger but now I'm spoiled I want all my Glocks like my 34 but I will keep target separate from Self Defense. You told me that I should replace the Firing Pin Spring out @ 1500 witch one do you use or suggest? Jim

Glocktrigger 06-14-2010 19:52


Glad you like it. Use the 14lb. reduced power striker spring from Wolff Gun Springs. I only sell it with the kits right now, but eventually carry as an individually stocked item. In the meantime you can purchase them from competition websites like Lone Wolf Distributors or Shooter's Connection.

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